Behind the curtain of her happy on-screen persona, Valerie Bertinelli’s life has been no easy ride, especially when it comes to her own self-image and self-worth. She waged a war against herself for years, learning to equate her value to her appearance as a child star on One Day at a Time and punishing herself in order to fit into the unachievable Hollywood mold. She struggled to make her marriage to Eddie Van Halen— the true love of her life—work, despite all the rifts the rock-star lifestyle created between them. She then watched her son follow in his father’s footsteps, right up onto the stage of Van Halen concerts, and begin his own music career. And like so many women, she cared for her parents as their health declined and saw the roles of parent and child reverse. Through mourning the loss of her parents, discovering more about her family’s past, and realizing how short life really is when she and her son lost Eddie, Valerie finally said, “Enough already!” to a lifelong battle with the scale and found a new path forward to joy and connection. Despite hardships and the pressures of the media industry to be something she’s not, Valerie is, at last, accepting herself: she knows who she is, has discovered her self-worth, and has learned how to prioritize her health and happiness over her weight. With an intimate look into her insecurities, heartbreaks, losses, triumphs, and revelations, Enough Already is the story of Valerie’s sometimes humorous, sometimes raw, but always honest journey to love herself and find joy in the everyday, in family, and in the food and memories we share.
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I am a fan of Valerie Bertinelli, and have been ever since I watched her every week on One Day at a Time. I also followed her weight loss journey and admired her for her efforts.

In Enough Already, she reveals how she has moved on from the past and the voices she has always seemed to hear in her head, reminding her that she is not enough, that she needs to lose weight, and that she is not a person of worth.

Her path to change those voices makes up much of this book, and we also learn about the sadness of her first husband’s illness and death; her life during the Pandemic; and how she is moving on from the past and changing her voices to those that fill her with joy.

Along the way, we journeyed with her to Italy to meet family and learn how to cook truly Italian dishes. Her descriptions of the food and places kept me turning pages. A great read that earned 5 stars.