When Eve Duncan gave birth to her daughter Bonnie in her teens, she thought that, despite the circumstances, a wonderful life lay ahead for the two of them.

But at the age of seven, Bonnie disappeared mysteriously one day. And for the next several years, Eve’s life was all about finding her daughter, or discovering what had happened to her.

Bonnie is the third in a trilogy about Eve, her new lover Quinn, and her daughter. In this final episode, we discover some of the players in the current situation, like John Gallo, Bonnie’s father; Ted Danner, Gallo’s uncle; and Catherine Ling, a CIA agent who has involved herself in the quest for answers.

This page-turning novel shows the reader a lot of action, some of the answers to the questions from long ago, and brings a kind of closure to the mystery. Having come late to the party by tuning in for this third book in the trilogy, I still managed to enjoy the action and the characters.

But nevertheless, I award 3.5 stars to this read, since much of the story felt repetitive and overly dramatic, especially the sections in which Bonnie supposedly spoke to Eve or numerous others along the way. The resolution to the mystery left much to be desired, in my opinion.