In the early part of the 21st Century, I wrote my first novel, An Accidental Life.  At the time, I was living in the A-frame house above, with the little guest cottage next door.

The houses inspired parts of my story, and one of my characters lived there.

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A MULTI-LAYERED LOVE STORY — A Review of “Courage of Fear”

Courage of Fear

I read Courage of Fear very quickly during my recent vacation, and as I turned to the final page, I had such mixed emotions that I thought about the characters, the events in the story, and wondered about “what might have been” for days afterward.

And then I puzzled over the meaning in the events. The author takes us between the past and the present with style and grace, gradually revealing the love story even as the relationship unfolds to its very sad conclusion. Later, however, I found that the ending could be perceived in many different ways.

A true measure of a book lies in its ability to capture the reader, hold his/her attention, and lead to great depths of thought afterwards. This story succeeded on all counts.