Good morning, readers!  I have been writing about my interior world changes for a while, now, and I’m sure you have gathered that it is all a “work in progress.”

Today brought a few more changes.  In the photo (above), you can see a couple of shelves that are minus a few books.

Here is where they ended up…one of the shelves I emptied a few weeks ago is in the garage, and I put it to use as a stop-over place for the donations.  Later I will take them to the library…once I have more books.




The bins I have been filling with some of my collectibles are starting to stack up nicely on my garage shelves.









Since today is Sunday, I am getting ready to settle in and binge on Netflix.  I am on Season III of Breaking Bad.  Last weekend, I finished all 13 episodes of Grace and Frankie, which I loved and wrote about in Weekend Potpourri: More Tidbits About My Obsessions.

I also started reading The Lake Season, by Hannah McKinnon, and I know I will curl up with that one later today. (Will be released June 2.  I got this copy from NetGalley)






So it looks like a great weekend for me…what about you?  Are you planning events?  Getaways?



a cup of joe on a Sunday

Welcome to my Interior World, a journey into my interiors…as well as a place where I share my thoughts.

Today my muscles are sore and a little achy….but that’s understandable, since yesterday—and into the night—I was on a mission.

I was tired of looking at the bookshelves in my hallway and finding them an obstacle course when I wanted to traverse the space.

What to do?  Well, purging was the first thing that came to mind…and while the books in the hallway were newer ones, I knew that one of my shelves in my bedroom had older ones.  In fact, most of those books were from the 60s. 

First I took all the books off the bedroom shelf…and lugged them to the garage.  I filled trash bags with them…and I admit that I over-filled them, hence the aching back.

But, voila!  Here are the empty shelves!


Next….moving the books from the hallway shelves onto this one, while tossing the books to donate into trash bags…again.

Hooray!  It took the better part of the day, since it is warming up here, and I had to take numerous breaks.  Here is the finished bedroom shelf.

refurbished bookshelf after purge

And here is the now empty hallway…except for the movie shelves on the left.  They are thin and don’t impede my progress through the hallway.


I need to stomp and squish the carpet for a while, as the obviously darker area was beneath the shelves for years!  My daughter has a trick with a credit card…and I worked it for a while.

Should I show you my garage?  Empty shelves stacked against the wall…and two large trash bags and two boxes filled with books to donate.  No…that would just make us all feel depressed.

I am still trying to figure out how I am getting everything into my car for the trip to the library.  I am visualizing mini-trips to the car…and at the library, they bring a cart to the car to be loaded.

Yes, that will work.

Here are those hallway shelves…before.  When I first started purging.



What do your interiors tell us about you?