With engaging prose that captured me from the opening lines, The Summer Girls (Lowcountry Summer Book 1) takes the reader on a voyage of discovery. A special wish and invitation from an aging grandmother brings three half-sisters to the lowcountry in South Carolina, and to a beach house that was a wonderful part of their childhoods.

Dora (Eudora), Carson, and Harper, all named after Southern authors by their wannabe-author-father, Parker, have been separated from one another by their life circumstances, and only brought together occasionally at Sea Breeze, their grandmother’s summer home.

Marietta Muir is an intriguing, eighty-year-old character who is used to getting what she wants. And what she especially wants is for her granddaughters, her only living heirs (her son died years before) to cement the bonds they once had together.

She lures them in with promises…and then divulges some secrets.

Carson’s life is in a shambles, her TV series canceled and her money gone. Dora’s husband Calhoun left her when he could no longer handle their autistic son. And Harper has been under her controlling mother’s thumb for too long.

Will the reunion summer on Sullivan’s Island be the answer for each of them? Will they find that special something that will turn their lives around? And how does the presence of a unique dolphin in the cove help Carson find the ability to connect?

A delightful beginning to a trilogy that I am looking forward to, this novel earned 5 stars.