My recent posts here have focused on the world outside my “interiors”:  vacations, family things, etc.

Lately, my book buying has increased, and not only have I acquired a stupendous number of e-books, but my print stack is growing.  The stack (above) includes some recent print book purchases.

Check out my Purchased Bookshelves for 2016:

Most of these are e-books, but some of the books you see above are also included.  I’ve bought the following number of books so far this year, and listed in italics are the numbers I’ve read and reviewed:

January – 7 (Read 5 so far)

February – 6 (Read 5)

March – 12 (Read 8)

April – 12 (Read 6)

May – 15 (Read 5)

June – 12 (Read 4)

July – 10 (Read 4)

August – 15 (Read 1)


The Read the Books You Buy Challenge is helping me clear some books off my shelves, but I’m obviously buying more books than I read each month. (53 read so far, which includes books purchased from June 2015 on).

Of course there are review books, which are reflected on another page.  I’ve been keeping abreast of those.


I haven’t done any purging lately, but I have been rearranging some things on my bedroom shelves.  See below, with the Changing of the Guard (Dolls).  I switched the dolls between the two shelves below, for my quirky reasons:









The hippie dolls in the top photo were two of my earliest doll purchases.  The collection grew from there, but now my interiors showcase only some of my dolls.  The rest are residing in bins in the garage.  The Doll Graveyard, if you will.



garage organization 3


What are your bookshelves like these days?  Do your interiors reflect your passion for books?





I love the look of the sitting room/library in this, my new header.  I found it on Pinterest...and since I often dream of interiors unlike my own, I had to use it in this way.  As a header…and a reminder of how spaces CAN look.

For one thing, I would love to have a room with all my books together, encased in lovely shelves that wrap themselves around my sitting area.  All the books would be alphabetized…and they would also be sectioned into genres.

All the books in a series would be together…and it would be so easy to find everything in this dream world of mine.

In actuality, my books are alphabetized, but only on individual bookcases or shelves that are in many places:  my bedroom (five shelves); the hallway (two shelves); the bathroom (one shelf); the living room (two large shelves); the office (three shelves); and in the dining room I have assorted cupboards with trinkets and books on the shelves.  Like in this photo below:



I also have shelves for movies.  In the hallway are my DVDs….You can see them on the right side of the photo below.



I even have some videotapes.  Yes, odd in this day and age, but the ones that remain now—after today’s clearing out—are the ones that I do not have in a DVD format, and probably won’t buy as a DVD.  (Or, in the case of Looking for Mr. Goodbar, the DVD is very expensive, like more than $100.00 for the collector’s version).

But before this morning, I had some duplicates.  No more!  I have recycled the ones that I no longer wish to keep…and here’s the little wicker shelf with the remaining tapes.  (Some of the tapes I recorded myself over the years, and some include family stuff).

For our “photo op,” I turned the case around so the tapes are visible.  Normally it will be set up against the sofa arm.




Before I moved from the foothills house, I had a garage sale that eliminated many of the videotapes I had.  You might ask:  Who even has a VCR these days?  Well, I have a combination VCR/DVD player…but once that no longer works, I’ll bet they will be impossible to find.

I still need to go through the bins in my garage and shred paperwork….and then decide what to do with those excessive dolls and bears!  Some of which are shown below, as they were in my foothill house.

You might be pleased to know that many of these reside in those aforementioned bins, now that I have downsized.


Friant Ireland Room 2

Do you have collections that were once relevant to your life…and now need to be dealt with?  What organizational challenges do you face?