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Today’s Prompt:

Do you like to talk about what you read? Do you have somebody to talk WITH?

(Because not everybody does. I haven’t had someone to really chat about a book with since college.)


I cannot remember the last time I had a real conversation in real life about the books I am reading or have read.  All of those conversations are online for me these days.

Yes, back in college was probably the last time I had such a conversation, except for a short time afterwards when I belonged to a book club.  But that book club was more of an opportunity for some of the members to show off their literary muscle, so to speak.

I remember that I did not enjoy this book club.

Later I attended a book club (about four years ago) in which the participants had invited me, as they had read one of the books I wrote and were talking about it.  I loved their insights into the characters and they even brought out some things I hadn’t thought of about them….

I would love to belong to a book club nowadays, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying sharing bookish thoughts with bloggers.

What are your experiences like?