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Autumn is finally here…I think.  We still have some warm days, but most days are in the 80s.  I’ll take it.

As the days passed quickly this week, with various appointments (flu shot, dental appointment, coffee with a friend), I could tell that my reading was slacking off.  I ended up reading and reviewing only two books, but they were enjoyable ones.  Neither was a thriller, though, which probably explains the slower pace.

I have a long list of what I want to read next…but knowing how things have been going, I will follow my moods and see where they lead.

Now that I’m able to drink coffee again (and eat real food!), let’s grab another cup and talk about the week.


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Tangential Friday Thoughts…

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Review:  A Year of Extraordinary Moments (e-book), by Bette Lee Crosby – NG-10/16/18  Review:  The Book Club (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Two purchased books came in my mailbox…and I downloaded one book.

Open Your Eyes, by Paula Daly

In Pieces, by Sally Field



Bitter Orange (e-book), by Claire Fuller



I have my list of books from which to choose….I do want to read First Flurries, by Joanne DeMaio; and I also have set up Paige, my Kindle, with They All Fall Down, by Tammy Cohen.







That was my mediocre week…but one that brought some lovely moments.  Below, check out the delightful Pumpkin Mousse Pie I enjoyed last night, now that I can eat regular food…although this one could have been devoured when I was on the soft foods diet.