Good morning!  I’m grabbing a cup of coffee, and getting ready to hunker down to write this post, linked over at Bookishly Boisterous. I got up very early (4:30 a.m.), since I’m not sleeping well…explanation is Item No. 2.

  • I am loving the newest version of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.  I watched Episode 7 last night, and while I’m enjoying seeing more of the life they once had, it is even more depressing when I think of what has happened to the women in the tyrannical state in which they now live.
  • All week long, I have been fighting an allergic skin reaction to hair dye.  It took me to Urgent Care on Sunday, where I was prescribed steroid pills for 5 days.  Today is the last dose, and while the skin is mostly clearing up, I still get bouts of itching, usually when I’m trying to sleep!  Some days are better than others.  I felt so good on Tuesday that I actually left the house to check the mail, buy groceries, and head off to buy a new little flat screen TV for my office.  It will be delivered (and installed) on Saturday.  The current TV is a ten-year-old boxy one that often loses the signal, since the equipment doesn’t really work that well on it.


  • Books read and reviewed this week so far have been quite different from one another, and I realize that I like that kind of selection.  First there was Nancy Thayer’s Secrets in Summer, set on Nantucket.   Then came Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins, which I mostly enjoyed, but there were multiple narrators that came at the reader so fast in the beginning that it was hard to keep track of them.  Finally, they were fleshed out more in the rest of the book.  Yesterday I read #GIRLBOSS, a book that led to the Netflix show…which I had watched before reading the book…and loved.  (Click titles for my reviews).
  • On June 8, my daughter and son-in-law are flying off to Prague, Amsterdam, etc., for a 10-day honeymoon.  They, of course, will also visit with my eldest son who lives in Prague.  I’m very envious!



  • Today will be an at-home curl up and read day; I’m enjoying The Wildling Sisters, by Eve Chase.  The book has a dual time-line:  one from 1959, and the other is fifty years later.  Something mysterious happened on an old English Country estate.


  • Here is another view of my up-next print books, a backdrop to the large glass of iced tea I enjoyed the other day, while contemplating the stack.



That’s my week so far…what did yours look like?



Good morning!  Come on by with your coffee, and let’s chat about our Bookish/Non-Bookish Thoughts.  Check in with Christine, at Bookishly Boisterous, to link up.

  • This week, I’ve finished reading and reviewing two books (Click titles for my reviews):  The Widow’s House and The Secrets You Keep.  I’m currently reading two additional books, one an Amazon Vine review, and the other is an e-book I recently downloaded:  Woman No. 17 and The Arrangement.
  • The sun has been shining down regularly, and I’m glad that we’re having a bit of spring.  Often our spring is short-lived, followed by long, very hot summers.
  • Tomorrow I’m having a mani-pedi…it’s time, since the spring sandals are out of the closet and ready to use.
  • I had a gel manicure three weeks ago, and love how great they stood up to the hard use I give my hands and nails.  I find myself picking at bottle tops and opening things with my hands, often demolishing my nails.  But…these have been sturdy, still looking pretty much like they were in this photo!



  • On Easter, my granddaughter and her boyfriend came by for a while.  She brought a large chocolate egg for me.  I could only manage a few bites at a time.  She also wanted to show off some of her piercings.  Yikes!


  • On Netflix, I’ve been watching 13 Reasons Why...I can only manage one episode at a time; it is pretty depressing.
  • Last night I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby on Amazon Prime.  Fun!
  • Today I got another NetGalley review book that I had requested:  He Said/She Said, by Erin Kelly (June 6, 2017)



That’s it for my week so far.  What was yours like?



Welcome to another Coffee Morning and my Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.  Check in at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

  • After last week’s exciting getaway, this week feels a bit underwhelming.  But I have read two really good books so far, both review books:  The Perfect Stranger and Slightly South of Simple (click titles for my reviews)….and I’m now enjoying some breathing room from my review books.  In the stack above are a few books I’ve purchased…and really want to read soon.  Do you see any that you can recommend?
  • Currently I am reading The Widower’s Wife, and it’s different from what I expected…but I keep reading it, wanting to know how it will all unfold.
  • Yesterday I was bored, so I went to California Pizza Kitchen around the corner from where I live…and had a delicious soup, and read my book.
  • Reading in a restaurant livens things up for me.  And the food is much more tasty than my boring “at home” stuff.
  • I did manage to get to the grocery store afterwards, to add to the boring coffers.
  • Last night, I watched another episode of 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix.  Has anyone else seen it?  I haven’t read the book, but now I just might.

  • Since I was already connected to the Internet for streaming, I went over to watch an older movie on Prime…one I hadn’t seen in a while.  Grey Gardens, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

  • Tonight is TGIT, and I’m eager to see the Thursday lineup, especially since I am now caught up on Scandal.  I watched five seasons on Netflix, grabbed a few episodes of Season 6 On Demand, and now I’m eager to continue the story.
  • I don’t have any little grandkids to buy Easter eggs for (my youngest is fourteen!), but I am thinking that a nice barbecue might liven up the day.


That was my underwhelming week so far…what was yours like?  What are you planning for the weekend?



Good morning, and with my Coffee Mug full, I am ready to share some Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.  Visit Christine to link up.

  • Last week was hectic, with all of the preparations for my weekend getaway, that celebration of my daughter’s marriage.
  • Midweek, I headed to the movies, and saw The Last Word, with Shirley MacLaine…and I loved it.  Shirley plays an aging woman who hires someone to write her obituary…so she can have some control over what is said.  But it’s also about a journey, including an emotional road trip, and finding ways to reconnect.


  • After the distractions and planning, the day finally arrived.  Friday we took off, with bags loaded up in the van, and we were in good spirits.  Heather took this selfie…



  • The journey was smooth…until it wasn’t.  Just after the James Dean Memorial on Hwy. 46, traffic slowed to a crawl.  We thought there might be road construction, but two hours later, we finally saw the cause:  a truck turned on its side and blocking the lanes, with two crushed cars.  Sadly, someone died in that crash.  We felt guilty then for being so annoyed by the delay.
  • We stopped farther along for some wine tasting, and then finally arrived in Cayucos, where we would be staying.
  • The next day, after a Continental breakfast, we started getting ready…and at 1:30, the wedding began…on the beach outside the hotel:


  • A lunch afterwards, at Schooner’s, was an opportunity to chat with other friends and relatives…and to celebrate the bride and groom some more.  Check out my fish and chips plate (below), and I think Heather is looking at David’s lunch.


  • We stayed until Sunday, and then headed back, with no delays along the route.  That night, David’s brother hosted a backyard reception…I took an Uber to the reception, since I knew there would not be much parking for the guests.  After the food, Heather set up some fun “framed” photos:


  • Every day this week, I’ve been busy with something or other, in addition to unpacking.  I had lunch with an old friend on Monday…and enjoyed this Blood Orange Martini before my salad arrived:

  • Yesterday, I went to my daughter’s salon and had a massage…and a hair makeover:


  • Oddly enough, with all the activities of the weekend, I managed to read a book, in addition to the two I had already finished last week.  Small Hours (click for my review) was a good one, as it absorbed me completely…I read at night, but also in the early morning on the terrace:


  • Back home, I’ve been loving Grace and Frankie’s Season III on Netflix.
  • I finished all five seasons of Scandal on Netflix last week…and now I’m ready for Season 6, which is in progress on ABC.
  • Finished Big Little Lies on Sunday…and I’ve saved all the episodes so I can binge-watch them…whenever.
  • I’m ready for a day at home, reading One Perfect Lie, a NetGalley review book. I’d been enjoying it, thinking I had it figured out, but suddenly there was a twist I wasn’t expecting…and now I must finish it today!


So…these are some of my thoughts…what are yours?




Good morning, Blog World!  It’s time to share some of our Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts, along with Christine, at Bookishly Boisterous.

As the days slide by, I am making lists and planning the getaway next Friday-Sunday, (March 31-April 2) for my daughter’s wedding.

  • Last night, my second son, who lives in LA, called and we chatted as he drove toward Phoenix, where he will be visiting his youngest son, a college freshman there.  I like these little chats, and he says they make the journey less tedious.
  • He and his eldest son, Alec, who will be on spring break, will be coming to the wedding, so we had logistics to discuss.  They plan to stay Saturday night only.
  • I am one of those people who has to start “getting ready” way too soon, and as a result, I have all the clothes I’m planning to take hanging together in the closet, and the luggage is next to my bed.  I always worry that I will forget something important, like iPhone charger, Kindle charger, etc.  Hence, the lists.
  • When I used to travel more, getting ready to go was on auto pilot.  Not so much these days.
  • Meanwhile, I’m doing some reading this week, and I’m on my third book:  Bridges:  A Daphne White Novel, by Maria Murnane.  I enjoyed her Waverly Bryson series, and I’m loving this one, too.



  • This week is Bloggiesta, and I’ve been having fun updating my various blogs, fixating mostly on my Rainy Days and Mondays site
  • A few days ago, my coffee pot died…so I went off to buy another, bemoaning the fact that they don’t seem to last very long.  Perhaps because I keep buying Mr. Coffee…and should be trying something…better?  But I took the easy route, and hauled another Mr. Coffee home.


  • I’m getting a lot of use out of my new blender (which I bought to replace the one my daughter borrowed…ten years ago?).  Smoothies, etc.


  • Every night this week, I’ve been binge-watching Scandal, on Netflix.  I never watched the show on TV…and I started it here when I couldn’t find anything else on Netflix that grabbed me.  Some episodes were boring, but now in the third season, I’m hooked.
  • I do want new seasons to come along for old favorites, though…but in the meantime, I’m good with this one.


That’s my week so far….come on over and let’s chat.




Good morning, and welcome to another chat featuring our Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts, hosted by Christine, at Bookishly Boisterous.

Let’s grab some coffee and chat!



I can’t believe how late I slept today!  Eight o’clock!  That’s unheard of for me.  I must have needed the sleep.

  • In my little office alcove pictured at the top of this post, I spend some cozy moments:  writing blog posts, visiting other blogs, and, yes, connecting a little bit on social media.
  • That alcove has gone through a few changes over the years.  Once upon a time, it was a place for my extra bookshelves…



  • When I started purging shelves, I didn’t need that space for books…and when I had house guests staying in the office/guestroom, I knew that I needed to render the space more comfortable for them.  Now I can easily unfold the sleeper sofa.  My desk area that took up a lot of space in the room has now been relocated to the alcove, but with a smaller desk…(See below for former home of the rolltop desk).



  • Enough about my room changes!  After reading and reviewing THREE books so far this week, I am totally engaged in another NetGalley ARC:  Almost Missed You, by Jessica Strawser.  I like books that reel me in from the start, and this one definitely has done that.



Almost Missed You is a skillful, insightful debut: a deft exploration of the mysteries of marriage, the price we pay for our secrets, and just how easy it is to make the worst choices imaginable.” —Chris Bohjalian, New York Times bestselling author of The Sandcastle Girls and Midwives

  • Has anyone else been watching Big Little Lies on HBO?  I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, since they changed the setting from Australia to Monterey, CA…but the cast makes up for that, IMO.
  • This week has flown by…again!  But tomorrow I’m looking forward to a lunch with an old friend who has been through some health challenges recently.  We’re going to The Red Lobster, where I used to lunch a lot when I was working near there.
  • Some time this weekend, I must start searching for my “mother of the bride” outfit…I can’t tell you how much I am NOT looking forward to the shopping, as it means I’ll probably need to go to the mall.  Can’t I order it on Amazon?  LOL
  • I also have to get new shoes….Groan.
  • I put the Uber app on Phoebe, my iPhone…as my daughter says there will be no parking at the home where they’ll be having the reception the next day, back here in our city.   I’m a little nervous about Uber...


That’s my week so far…what does yours look like?