When Charlie Blair left Chicago behind—and her old life as Lauren Claybourne—for a gig in the Santa Cruz DA’s office, things were supposed to be easier. Or at least nothing that a couple of Xanax and a tumbler of vodka couldn’t handle. The plan had been working, until the murder of a local bail bondsman Shelly Hansen.

Enter: hot-shot prosecutor Erika Lorman, she of the stellar record and unfailing touch with juries, a veritable legend in her own right. Fresh off the prosecution of celebrity chef Blake Steers, the newest resident of California’s penitentiary system and perhaps its most high profile, she’s thrust back into action alongside her new co-chair from the windy city and ready to do anything to put criminals behind bars.

But as the fevered search for answers intensifies and the hunt for a killer continues, secrets from the past threaten to undo not just the case—but Erika and Charlie, too. Expertly plotted and relentlessly paced, The Fall Girl will keep readers guessing until the very end.


an interior journey thoughts

In alternating narratives, The Fall Girl reveals the past and present of two attorneys whose lives have been a struggle at various points in time. Charlie Blair is trying to stay away from an ex-boyfriend and goes to the extreme by changing her identity and moving across the country.

Meanwhile, Erika is a hot-shot prosecutor, but has her own past and present issues to address.

I couldn’t stop turning the pages as the two women work side by side on a case that could turn out to upend both of their lives. A five star read.