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Last week I planned to write a weekly update post, but it didn’t happen. I had some overwhelming feelings of malaise, so I decided to take a nap. On Monday morning, I found myself on the floor, disoriented and unable to get up off the floor.

Long story short:  24 hours later, after a friend checked on me, EMTs took me to the hospital, and I was admitted.  They did a series of tests, poked and prodded, and eventually I was moved from the ER to a room, where I had a diagnosis. A seriously infected gall bladder that would be too risky to remove right now.  They put me on a course of antibiotics, did more tests, and when I started to stabilize, they discharged me until they could schedule surgery. I have several upcoming appointments and a slew of bitter pills to swallow…including the one about needing to find a new place.  Meanwhile, I’m staying with my daughter temporarily.  She is an excellent cook and well-organized with the meds.  She has set up reminders on my phone.

I hadn’t finished a book at all last week, but when I came home, I posted on Amazon my NetGalley review of Sunset Beach.  Today I read and reviewed Dreams of Falling.

My diet is restricted, of course, but I was allowed  a smidgen of coffee this morning.  Sigh.


Someone Knows, by Lisa ScottolineDreams of Falling, by Karen White


What a convoluted journey!  Tomorrow  we’re heading to my condo with lists, to decide what I can take to the new place and what has to be sold. The weird thing:  I have no feeling about that process, except I wanted to be the one to decide.  My daughter would have taken over…but then I found my voice.  No.  I want to decide these things.

I’m learning to ambulate with a walker, but that wasn’t bad…until my knee developed an infection, swelling up to twice its size, making it almost impossible to learn the process.  But after icing the knee, taking some pain medication, and patience…I was “on the road again.”

Now I’m trying to resume some of my routines.

NEXT WEEK?  I plan to clear out the fridge at the old place and collect the mail.  And find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Have a great week!!





A few months ago—before my summer house guests arrived—this interesting cupboard (above) served as a storage place for books, and a kind of room divider in my office.

But once the house guests arrived, it took up too much room, so it went into my garage, where it then served as a place for book donations…before they went on the next part of their journey (library, etc.)


Last week, I finally emptied this shelf and one other…and there it sat, looking lost and as if it no longer had a purpose.

And then my daughter arrived…to bring back one of my suitcases she had borrowed…and she eyeballed the empty bookcase.  She and I have very different ideas about books and shelves, but we agree on “re-purposing” items, and I could tell by the look in her eye that she had a plan.

She asked if she could have it…and then, when I agreed, she loaded it into her car.  It would be taking up residence in her sun room/den…as, wait for it!  An entertainment center.

Next time I’m at her home, I will take a snapshot of it in its new life.


Meanwhile, I happily enjoy my new office space…and the purging is on hold for a while.



My thoughts are on the upcoming holidays.


december dining room - christmas


Do you enjoy finding new uses for old favorites?