Now that I have moved to a much smaller space, I am searching my photo files to resurrect some old favorites…things left behind.  Like Disney characters; old books (behind the doll are the first three Nancy Drew books); and the little doll center stage that suits my quirky needs.

Then I love spotlighting some Disney characters with my Kindle.

Like my love of my favorite objects, I enjoy changing up the blogs.  Like this one, for starters.

So…I have a new look on this blog…again.  Some familiar images, and then the one in the middle makes me smile.  A reading woman surrounded by books!

My restless spirit thrives on seeking out these images, and changing things up in my surroundings.  A little obsessive?  Probably, but who cares?  LOL

I am also buying up hardcover and paperback books to grow my bookshelf.  It will never have as many books as I once had, but if I fill it up, I can call it a library…sort of.

Here is today’s progress, with recent additions.  I also have two stacks of unread books that will show up here soon. I am prepared to cut down on the photos shown to allow room for more books.


Now…I am off to read more books for my Nonfiction Challenge…and an e-book thriller.


What obsessive (or simply routine) tasks are keeping you busy today?



Lately, I’ve been thinking of different kinds of journeys, including the Yellow Brick Road shown above.  I enjoyed spotlighting these trinkets on my Baker’s Rack at my previous residence. 

Then I added some plush images to the grouping.  I have taken lots of photos of them in various positions and featured them on my website, my blogs, etc.

The close-up below shows the versions of the Oz characters in plush and resin.

Sadly, I no longer have these “dolls,” now that I have moved to a smaller space.  But I am very happy to have the photos in my files to spotlight the metaphorical journey in my blogging/website world.

Below, my header at my website, with my creations (books) and the Oz characters in the center, remind us again of journeys.


Yesterday, I changed my blog header here, with my little creatures taking their position on the right side of the banner.



The Wizard of Oz theme popped up again last week as I watched the movie Judy, on Amazon Prime, starring Renee Zellwegger as Judy Garland, remembered especially for her role in the original Wizard of Oz film.


Do you have favorite images/themes/trinkets that symbolize your personal journey in life and in blogging?  How do you showcase them on your blogs/websites?



While I visit blogs this week, I plan for changes in mine.  I love making them over as a New Year beckons.  I thought I would leave this blog alone, as I loved my previous header and the look of it.  It is all about the reading, blogging, and writing journey.

The new header is more of a metaphorical journey, with a real train…and a bookish train.

Am I alone in my obsession with changing the look of my blogs?  LOL

Meanwhile, I am trying to journey through books, and now, recently, an audiobook, to which I am listening as I travel along on my exercise bike.  I used the image of the bike on one of my other blogs.

Check out Curl up and Read for that new look:


What does your Hump Day look like?



For a few days, I have been mulling over my One Word.  I have been revisiting my 2017 Word, HOPE, and recapturing some of my posts about it.


Then I saw that Sheila, at Book Journey, was celebrating her One Word.  So my pondering turned to action.  I had been looking around my home for something that might illustrate the word I chose.  The little figurine (below) sits atop a stack of books.  Books are my inspiration, and are also great ways to jump start my journey with my word for 2018. 

The bears holding hands; the words Love, Joy, Family & Friendship around the base; the sheltering tree above, which symbolizes Life, Protection, Growth, and Nurturing…

So…I have chosen as my Word: CONNECT.  As we join in our journey, hands held, we connect.  We nurture each other under that Tree of Life…and we are stronger through our connections to one another.

As bloggers, we luxuriate in the connections we make as we visit other sites, communicating and forming bonds with each other.  On Facebook and other social media, we extend those connections.  But I want to take it all a step further In Real Life, and move outside my comfort zone.  I want to participate more in the world around me.

My realization:  I need to extend myself more, move beyond what is comfortable and “normal.”  Find new ways to grow.  In doing so, I can expand my horizons and find joy and peace in my Exterior World, to complement my Interior Journey.


What One Word have you chosen, if any?  What has inspired you?



How far I have come since I started blogging!  Over at Curl up and Read, where my About page features the TBR Stacks I had back then, take note of a redwood cart (barely visible) that then housed (almost) my more than 160 unread books.


Once I bought some more actual shelves, I found other uses for the cart, since I love to re-purpose my furniture.  The cart was actually intended as a barbecue cart, but I found other uses.  Like a shelf in my office, below:


Soon I rearrranged my office and, as a result, found another purpose for the cart:


On to other pieces.  A small shelf that found a home in various places beginning with my house in the foothills, see below, where it is topped with collectibles and holding magazines in a cubby:


Now it resides in my office, next to my desk, holding notebooks and a basket; a little worse for wear, but finding its new purpose:


This week I read a book that touted the wonders of re-purposing, and while the book offered much more impressive examples, I couldn’t help but feel a connection to what the authors of Open House were offering. (Click title for my review).


Do you enjoy re-purposing furnishings?  What draws you to some pieces over others?



a cup of joe on a Sunday

Welcome to my Interior World, a journey into my interiors…as well as a place where I share my thoughts.

Today my muscles are sore and a little achy….but that’s understandable, since yesterday—and into the night—I was on a mission.

I was tired of looking at the bookshelves in my hallway and finding them an obstacle course when I wanted to traverse the space.

What to do?  Well, purging was the first thing that came to mind…and while the books in the hallway were newer ones, I knew that one of my shelves in my bedroom had older ones.  In fact, most of those books were from the 60s. 

First I took all the books off the bedroom shelf…and lugged them to the garage.  I filled trash bags with them…and I admit that I over-filled them, hence the aching back.

But, voila!  Here are the empty shelves!


Next….moving the books from the hallway shelves onto this one, while tossing the books to donate into trash bags…again.

Hooray!  It took the better part of the day, since it is warming up here, and I had to take numerous breaks.  Here is the finished bedroom shelf.

refurbished bookshelf after purge

And here is the now empty hallway…except for the movie shelves on the left.  They are thin and don’t impede my progress through the hallway.


I need to stomp and squish the carpet for a while, as the obviously darker area was beneath the shelves for years!  My daughter has a trick with a credit card…and I worked it for a while.

Should I show you my garage?  Empty shelves stacked against the wall…and two large trash bags and two boxes filled with books to donate.  No…that would just make us all feel depressed.

I am still trying to figure out how I am getting everything into my car for the trip to the library.  I am visualizing mini-trips to the car…and at the library, they bring a cart to the car to be loaded.

Yes, that will work.

Here are those hallway shelves…before.  When I first started purging.



What do your interiors tell us about you?