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Another week has flown by.  Again I have been very slow with the reading, finishing only one book.  My binge-watching has continued, and I am now enjoying an old favorite, One Tree Hill.

I have been struggling with my knees again, so I went to the doctor for x-rays.  As I suspected, arthritis!  I am using a gel, which helps, and trying to walk and exercise more.  Sigh.  I do feel better already, however.  

Now that my family get-togethers are behind me, I am resuming lunches with friends.  Monday I will enjoy an outing with an old colleague.

Hopefully I will enjoy more reading this week!


CURRENTLY READING:  Homecoming, by Kate Morton


REVIEW:  The Only Survivors, by Megan Miranda

ratings worms 4-cropped


That was my week. I’m hoping to do more reading and less binge-watching this week, but I am not sure how successful I will be!

Today I did a lot of laundry, as my outfits were in need of a wash! They are hanging in the shower.

I am hungry for Chinese food today. I cooked a frozen dinner this week:




  1. Homecoming is on my TBR. I really enjoy Kate Morton’s books. I’m sorry to hear about the arthritis but am glad you’ve been able to get some relief. Enjoy your lunch with your colleague and have a great week!

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  2. I hope your knees feel better. Keep moving. 🙂
    I haven’t read Kate Morton in a while. Homecoming looks good.
    I like your (blue? green? grey?) side board that shows in your Chinese food picture.
    Happy Reading!

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