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Welcome to another week of blogging, reading, and viewing.  I also spent hours of time updating my accounts with my new bank card info!  What a hassle the whole hacking thing has been.  Here’s hoping I will not have to go through this again.

Today I also finished reviewing my NetGalley ARC for April, but had trouble logging in to NetGalley.  Several password change attempts with no luck!  What’s up with that?  I will set aside entering that information for another day.  Meanwhile, you can find the review on Goodreads and Facebook.

I do feel as though I am in a Wasteland of passwords, user names, and Internet worries.  

Let’s take a peek at my one blog post and my review, and perhaps the upcoming week will be better!

dolls etc.



Review:  The Soulmate, by Sally Hepworth


That was my week.I bought no new books, although I did receive two children’s books to add to my Jelly Cupboard with the Anne of Green Gables/Annie dolls:

framed annies


36 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATES: A BUSY WEEK…

      1. Mark

        That makes sense. And, to clarify, the book I finished Friday and still need to review is my last ARC for March. What I’m reading right now is one of my own books that I plan to review in March.

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    1. Thanks, Greg, I get sick of having to change, update passwords, and try to keep them all straight! I have had more issues since I ended up having to update all my sites after the bank card fiasco.

      Enjoy your week.


  1. I had issues with NG over the past few days so checked Twitter and found out they were dealing with things and asking for patience. I hope you can get things figured out there. And I hope this is the last time you have the bank acct hacking issue. How frustrating.
    Hoping your week ahead is filled with good reading and viewing!

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  2. I have a sea of passwords and user names and change them regularly, except Twitter, and that is what was hacked and taken over and I cannot get it back. I give up on Twitter, despite all the poets I had in a community there. I didn’t memorize their handles, so all of that is lost.

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