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Welcome to another Weekly Update.  This week, I actually read and reviewed two books, and they were both awesome. Between reading, I wrote two blog posts and did some more viewing on Switched at Birth.  The rest of the week was pretty horrendous, in that the rain came down rather violently at times.

I had some issues with my bank account being hacked, so I had to spend time at the bank setting up a new one!  I’m still waiting for my bank card, which was supposed to arrive today…but it was delayed.  Sigh.

I am not looking forward to all the hassle that goes with a new account, but I am trying to stay calm as I organize my new reality and try not to stress out too much.

Let’s take a peek at the details of the week:




Review:  Trust Me, by T. M. Logan

cropped again 5

Review:  The Kind Worth Saving, by Peter Swanson (This was my one book purchase this week).

cropped again 5


That was my week.  This coming week,  I’m hoping for sunshine and no horrific events that will take over my life!  Tonight I want to eat something delicious, but since it’s still bad weather, it will have to be something I cook.  Sigh.  Perhaps something like this:

framed fish and chips





  1. My credit card info was stolen and items charged to it and this really freaked me out. Luckily, I had the charges dismissed and the card replaced but closed the account as I still didn’t feel safe with someone having my info.

    Hope you have a better week.

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    1. Thanks, Harvee, my account was compromised, but no money stolen. I still needed a new account and new card, though. I’m still waiting for the card, which was supposed to arrive yesterday…but now scheduled for tomorrow. I need that card!


  2. I’m still waiting for Wells Fargo to set up my two new accounts, just so that I can get my mom’s money out of Wells and somewhere more user friendly, so I totally your new bank account pain.

    I learned one bit of wisdom from the Financial Advisor that’s helping me with Wells. He said make sure you have a credit card for your bank account, not a plain-old debit card. Debit cards are easier to hack and don’t offer the protection that a credit card has.

    I hope the weather gets better soon so you can go out to eat and that nothing else happens this week to disrupt your life in a negative fashion. LOL

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    1. Thanks, Greg, I haven’t had a total hack like this one ever….once I had money pulled out, but the bank put it back right away. That time I didn’t have to create a whole new account.

      Let’s hope for good days ahead!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about the weather and the bank! I hope your card arrives promptly.

    I am looking forward to reading The Kind Worth Saving, I am glad to know you enjoyed it.

    Have a better week and happy reading!

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  4. Oh Laurel I’m so sorry about your bank troubles. That had to be so upsetting.

    We have finally got sunshine coming our way. It’s rained so much. Makes it hard with the pup going out. But she goes. She just takes a bit to get up the nerve.

    Enjoy your week of reading..

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  5. SO frustrating about your bank account getting hacked. We’ve had that happen and it’s such a pain! Hopefully your bank cared will arrive soon. I hope you are having drier weather and a much better week!

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  6. I didn’t know Peter Swanson had a new book out! I’ll have to decide whether to read it or listen to it on audio. I just had popcorn for my solo dinner, so yours looks better! (Although I do love popcorn.) Fingers crossed for your card to come soon!

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  7. That is always distressing to have an account hacked. I recently had to replace a debit card. Fortunately I saw the unauthorized charge right away and was able to freeze the account, reverse the low improper charges, and get a new card within a couple of weeks.

    I like the looks of The Kind Worth Saving. I hope you do get sunshine and more good reading!

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    1. Thanks, Martha, it was more than having just a new card. I had to open a whole new account, even though no money went missing. The bank just decided that the compromise of the account was reason enough to create a new account.

      My card has arrived now and I’ve changed all of my online accounts with the new number.


  8. I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that! I hope it is fixed now. I had issues with some taking over my Twitter account, but now I am basically without one since I had to call the old one an imposter for Twitter to get rid of it.

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    1. Thanks, Serena, it is all fixed now, but I spent a whole morning updating my online accounts with my new bank card. I am always careful, but sometimes those hackers get in anyway!

      I no longer have Twitter because it was becoming so political!


  9. Sorry to hear about your hacked account, Ugh! It takes so much time to straighten these things out blah. I hope the sun shines this week for you and that you enjoy the new Swanson novel. Check back with you next week.


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