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Another week of reading and viewing, with only one book read and reviewed.  I also wrote just one blog post.  But, again, lots of viewing.  I binge-watched a show call All Rise, with three seasons…and one more to drop soon.

My favorite parts of the week, however, were more family time.  Three grandchildren joined me for lunch on Monday, and this weekend, my No. 2 son and another grandchild, along with my daughter, spent time together.  My son and I had dinner last night, and all of us had a great breakfast this morning.

The weather has been horrible, of course, and my son is headed back to LA, but has to take the long route because of the closure of the Grapevine.  Sigh.

We’ll have more family time next month, as my eldest son is coming again from Prague.

Now…let’s take a closer peek at the week.



Review: Feels Like Falling, by Kristy Woodson Harvey

ratings worms 4-cropped



It’s One of Us, by J. T. Ellison


That was my week.  Today I just hope the rain finally stops for a while, and pray that travelers all arrive at their destinations safely.

Here are a couple of family photos from the week:

Me with three of my grandchildren at lunch:

framed A-kids and Nana

My No. 2 Son and I at The Point, for dinner:

framed Brett and Rain

Have a great week!



    1. Thanks, Mark, all over the state the weather is devastating, bringing storms and snow in places that are unusual for us.

      I am glad for the family time, too. My son had to drive 101 to LA because of the Grapevine closing!


  1. It’s always great seeing your family in the pics. Feels happy. You must have received a deluge of rain where you are. I have been following the news. Even my parents’ place in SoCal had some snowflakes, which is very hard to believe. I hope it will help the drought conditions. Enjoy your week ahead.

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  2. Unfortunately I can’t access All Rise from here in Canada. Last week I binge watched Endgame, a series that is set in a hotel in Vancouver, BC. It was delightful and I was sad that it only lasted one season.

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  3. Aw that’s so cool you got to spend so much time with family. Family and food are hard to beat ha ha. And nice too that your oldest son is coming soon…

    I think It’s One Of Us looks good and I’ve been seeing it pop up on lots of blogs this week.

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  4. Laurel-Rain— I am so happy to know that you are okay! I haven’t heard from you for months and months and all the sudden it hit me that you might not be okay. Whew. Glad to see that you are still blogging and visiting family, and reading, and communicating with your followers. -Anne @ Head Full of Books.

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