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What a week!  After the rain finally died down, the fog came, so it was definitely an indoor week.  I did some viewing and a little reading, and wrote one blog post.  No books finished!

I had family company on the weekend.  I also spent time in the emergency room with an infected eye!  Now I am on antibiotics and hoping all will improve soon.

Here is a closer look at the week.



CURRENTLY READING:  Spare, by Prince Harry



The Love of My Life, by Rosie Walsh


That was my very quiet week.  I received packages from Amazon and curled up to view some old favorite shows.  On the weekend, my No. 2 son came to visit, and we had dinner on Friday and breakfast this morning with my daughter and son-in-law.  Overall, a pretty good week.

What did yours look like?



    1. Thanks, Greg, the family time helped me cope with the eye infection, which is slowly improving. It is uncomfortable and annoying, however. Less painful today than it was on Friday.

      I haven’t read much of Spare yet, but what I have finished I enjoyed.


    1. Thanks, Terrie, an eye infection is not only painful, but does create fear about how something like that can disable us readers! It seems to be getting a little better the more I apply the antibiotic ointment and take the pills.


    1. Thanks, Mary, family time was great, and it was also good that my son was there and could take me to the emergency room. My eye seems to be responding to the medication, but it will probably be a week or so before it’s gone.


  1. I skimmed through the comments and don’t see this question so I will ask it. lol

    How does one’s eye get infected and what can we do to prevent getting one? As you said, anything eye-related puts fear into us readers.

    I’m glad your eye is doing better! Glad to hear the rest of the week was pretty good.

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