Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we savor the caffeine and chat about the upcoming week.  On New Year’s Eve, I hope to be sipping Champagne and writing my First Book of the Year post.

In the past few days, I have been viewing old favorite shows:  I just started Grace & Frankie, from the beginning, and as I watch, I realize that it launched in 2015 and it felt almost like seeing it anew.  I am a big fan of this show, and now I am excited to relive those moments.

  • I finished reading and reviewing Sister Dear, and now I am enjoying The Disinvited Guest.
  • Last weekend, my granddaughter came over, with her new boyfriend, to cook dinner.  We had fun!
  • On Monday, my daughter and one of her friends took me to lunch.  I had my favorite cocktail and a salmon entree. She had a martini and a salad.





My granddaughter and I searched e-bay and found an Engelbreit cookie jar that I love, one that I “lost” in the move of 2019.  I ordered it, and I’ll be getting it next week, the one on the right.  I haven’t yet found the other one.

me cookie jars




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