Welcome to our pre-Christmas Coffee Chat, in which we celebrate the upcoming festivities and the great good things of the past year.  Of course, New Year’s will bring more of those thoughts, too.

I am enjoying the anticipation of the holidays.  My granddaughter is coming over tomorrow night for a sleep over on the Murphy bed, and to cook some goodies for Christmas.  On Monday, I’ll be having lunch with my daughter.

  • Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy viewing favorite old shows, like Brothers and Sisters, which I always love, and which I haven’t watched for a few years.  I laugh, I cry, and feel connected to these characters.


  • I am currently reading one of my hardcover books, which has been languishing in my “reading cupboard” (green cupboard below), where I keep those print volumes.  Sister Dear, by Hannah Mary McKinnon has captured my attention.  I do love having print books, as I savor being surrounded by them.  But I must admit that reading on my Kindle is actually easier.

framed nov 19 living room

  • I am excited about the upcoming First Book of the Year event, the tenth year we have celebrated it, thanks to Sheila, at Book Journey.
  • I selected a book that I bought earlier, one of those hardcover books that has been languishing on my nightstand.  I actually bought it two years ago!  More on that book when the celebration begins.
  • Now it is time to get on with the day! 


What did your week look like?  Happy Holidays!



  1. Have a nice time with your granddaughter, Laurel. We’ll be at my daughter’s Christmas eve dinner and then my sister has a wonderful family party on Christmas day. All wonderful gatherings. Merry Christmas!

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