Welcome to another Coffee Chat, and now I am savoring a smoothly working Internet!  After the rain, I thought it was over for good…and then went to the AT&T app, where I chatted with a helper and got it back!  So much better when there is a way fix it, other than just hoping for its return.

  • I had forgotten about the app, but desperation brought it to me.  Imagine having something at my fingertips that could restore my favorite computer tool.
  • Monday I had coffee with a friend.  We returned to one of our favorite haunts, Barnes & Noble, and it was great to be surrounded by books while sipping coffee.
  • I am reading Where the Crawdads Sing, and I’m loving it so far.  I had seen and enjoyed the Netflix movie.
  • Last night, I watched some of my streaming shows on my TV, and I must admit that I love curling up on the couch to enjoy them.  I watched Still Alice again…and then I saw Tully for the first time.  I was quite caught up in both of these films:  one I had seen before, and the other one was new to me.



  • When I finally went to bed, I felt relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Many nights I toss and turn!


What has your week brought to you?



    1. Thanks, Katherine, I am feeling good about having a “working” Internet. It went a while limping along, making it difficult to visit some sites. So happy times are back now!

      The coffee and pastries were good!

      Enjoy your weekend.


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