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It is raining outside, and I am plugging away at reading, blogging, and this update.  I read and reviewed two books and wrote four blog posts…and my viewing was awesome.  I stayed up late last night watching Season II of Firefly Lane on Netflix, and earlier in the week, I continued rewatching Boston Legal on Hulu.

Now let’s take a closer peek at my week.






Review:  The Couple at the Table, by Sophie Hannah

ratings worms 4-cropped

Review:  Are You Awake?, by Claire McGowan

ratings worms 4-cropped



The Personal Assistant, by Kimberly Belle (Currently Reading)

A World of Curiosities, by Louise Penny


That was my week. What did yours look like?  In the upcoming week, I am planning another family gathering, and I’m eager to get out and about again. Now I plan to grab some coffee, as the rainy day has been a cold one.





  1. Sorry to hear about the rain…but the colder the rain, the better the coffee!

    I hope you enjoy A World of Curiosities. I DEVOURED it and loved it. For me, it was not only the best of the series but one of, if not, the best mystery I’ve read.

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    1. Thanks, Melinda, I am so glad to hear that you really loved A World of Curiosities. I have enjoyed the first three books in the series, but I can always love when a series takes a noticeably positive upswing. Now I’m really looking forward to it.


      1. Mark

        Absolutely agreed. I’ve enjoyed rain so much more now that I’m working from home than I did when I had to drive to and from work in it. Especially since so many don’t seem to know how to drive in the rain.

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    1. Thanks, Harvee, I haven’t been able to use the library since before the Pandemic! I could probably take a Lyft ride there, but haven’t wanted to go out. Maybe I can reactivate my Kindle app for library books. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Sophie, I am so grateful that I have Hulu. I actually enjoy it and Netflix more than other apps. Especially since I have figured out how to watch my streaming services on my TV instead of just my laptop! Enjoy your week.


  2. Literary Feline

    We managed to get the Christmas lights up between the sprinkles today. I do hope it will rain tonight and stop teasing us like it has been most of this afternoon. I hope you enjoy your reading and have a great week!

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  3. The Personal Assistant is good…enjoy!!

    And have a great first full week of December.

    Did you see that there is a two-part series on Prime about THREE PINES from the Louise Penny novels?

    I watched it last night. It was good. It had Inspector Gamache and other notable characters from her books. There are some disturbing things, but it’s a mystery.

    It didn’t feature a book – just the characters. A totally different story from her books.

    Enjoy if you watch it.

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  4. I hate reading books out of order, but that makes me a real curmudgeon, doesn’t it? I’m waiting for the audiobook of the new Louise Penny because I love listening to them.
    Enjoy your reading and blogging! Retirement sounds just lovely!

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    1. Thanks, Susan, I am looking forward to this new Louise Penny. I also started watching a show on Prime based on her books called Three Pines.

      We do need the rain, of course! Loving my week so far, with family dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Enjoy your week.


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