Welcome to another Coffee Chat, during which we share tidbits about the week and hopes for the future.  Some election results are good right now, although we have a ways to go.  I like how an issue prompted by a negative Supreme Court ruling has turned some things around.

Now….let’s take a look at what lies ahead in our bookish lives.  After switching between a couple of books, I have landed on She’s Gone, by David Bell, which I’m enjoying so far. 

Earlier in the week, I read and reviewed The Prisoner, by B. A. Paris, a captivating book.

We have had rain every day so far, which is okay, as we need it…but I waited all day to take out the trash, and then rushed out when the rain seemed to be slowing down.  Not fun!


When my eldest son was here, we set up some of my streaming services on my TV…but one was missing.  I searched around the settings and discovered that I could activate it via an app…and now I have Hulu on my TV, too!  Happily I watched some shows there yesterday.  My TV screen is bigger than my laptop, so I felt blissful.

It is fun to curl up on my couch, too, instead of my computer chair.  Although the chair is pretty comfortable, too.


What has your week brought you?  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: A GREAT WEEK…

  1. Yes the TV screen does work better but somehow I get lazy in summer and just watch on my Ipad. The Crown has started on Netflix so I want to get into that and it is better on the big screen. We need rain, its promised for this pm. We shall see.

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