Ellison and Anarchy Jones are looking forward to a relaxing weekend in the country. Time spent skeet shooting, fishing, and horse-back riding with friends. Hours spent swaying in a shady hammock without friends.

But when Ellison walks into a murder scene, her friends become suspects. And each of them has an excellent motive for murder.

Can Ellison sift through the lies and unmask a killer, or will a weekend away cost her everything she holds dear?
an interior journey thoughts

Just when we think Ellison and Anarchy will enjoy some time away with friends, Ellison stumbles upon first one body and then another. Finding bodies seems to be her thing.

Naturally she has to help navigate the investigation with her husband, even after he is laid up with a snake bite. While he recovers, she plows ahead anyway.

What does she discover as she pursues questioning and observing? Big Shot is another intense thriller that earned 5 stars for me.



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