After the departure of my visitors, I have tried to find peace in my routines again.  So far, so good.  My packages continue to arrive from Amazon and I send off for my grocery deliveries as usual.  I am slowly resuming my reading and viewing. Yesterday, I went out to breakfast at Mimi’s with a friend.  Originally, we planned a trip to Barnes & Noble, but sadly, it wasn’t open yet.  I enjoyed a slice of this quiche.


One of my deliveries this week was a cute mug from Amazon:  a Queen Elizabeth one that now rests on my Baker’s Rack.

I am currently reading a new book from Jodi Picoult:  Mad Honey.

On Amazon Prime, I found a sequel to the movie The Firm, that reveals what happens after the original one.  It has some compelling moments.

Also, this week and last, I am savoring one of my favorite soaps on the streaming service Peacock, which means I can enjoy it any time of the day…and without any interruptions!

So…the routines are turning out to be a great filler for any empty hours without family!


What was your week like?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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