What a great month this has been!  On September 7, my eldest son joined us here, and even though he visited others throughout the state, he spent most of his time in my little town.  We enjoyed dinners, outings, and time watching favorite movies on TV.  My son helped me set up my TV service to include my subscription shows by signing into them.  Who knew?  LOL

He flew home on Wednesday, but he had a few detours along the way as airlines did their thing by rerouting and cancelling.  Now he is back with his wife…and soaking his feet after standing in long lines along the way.

After he left my city, he flew to Las Vegas to spend time with my No. 2 son, and then fly to LAX the next day.  Here the two of them are, enjoying a drink at The Tilted Kilt, just off the Vegas strip.

And in Vegas, Craig poses before a sign:


And here is the family photo at the monument at CSUF:

reframed family

Now I have cleared my space and added a few changes. My son moved one of my chairs to the living room for comfort, and that works for me, too:


What did your week look like? Enjoy October!



  1. Oh I love the picture of the two of them! They look like they are having so much fun and the family picture is fantastic. I hope you are having a wonderful week and are getting some relaxing. No matter how much we love visitors I always seem to need a nap after they leave!

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    1. Thanks, Katherine, and yes, nap time now! But first I had to do some cleaning, lol.

      The pictures will carry me through and remind me of the fun we had. This is the first get-together of three of my kids in years. The fourth one was supposed to come, too, but he had some medical issues…sigh. All good now, but he missed the fun.

      Have a great week.


    1. Thanks, Kathryn, whenever I hear about the rerouting and long lines at airports, I am glad that I am not a traveler! Road trips work for me, actually, but they are limiting.

      I love the creativity of the photo, too, which started in 1979 with the first one at that monument.

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