Four years ago, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School following the shocking murder of her favorite teacher—a story that made headlines after the teacher’s body was found by three Saint Ambrose students in the woods behind their school. The case was never solved. Now that Brynn is moving home and starting her dream internship at a true-crime show, she’s determined to find out what really happened.

The kids who found Mr. Larkin are her way in, and her ex–best friend, Tripp Talbot, was one of them. Without his account of events, the other two kids might have gone down for Mr. Larkin’s murder—but instead, thanks to Tripp, they’re now at the top of the Saint Ambrose social pyramid. Tripp’s friends have never forgotten what Tripp did for them that day, and neither has he. Just like he hasn’t forgotten that everything he told the police was a lie.

Digging into the past is bound to shake up the present, and when Brynn begins to investigate what happened in the woods that day, she uncovers secrets that might change everything—about Saint Ambrose, about Mr. Larkin, and about her ex-best friend, Tripp Talbot.

Four years ago someone got away with murder. More terrifying is that they might be closer than anyone thinks.


an interior journey thoughts

When Brynn moves back to St. Ambrose School, four years after Mr. Larkin’s murder, she is just as eager to find out who killed him as she was before. And now she has an opportunity to be an intern at a true-crime show, which could help her find answers.

However, she keeps her involvement a secret, and as she starts peeling back the layers of what happened that day, she learns that there is so much more to the story. And those who were there are not revealing the answers. Brynn’s old friend Tripp, who has not been a friend for a while, begins to warm up to her again. But he is still not sharing much about that day.

Just when she begins discovering more layers, and as Tripp opens up more, their searching leads them to unexpected places. When there seems to be Nothing More to Tell, answers begin to surface. An intriguing tale that earned 4.5 stars.



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