Welcome to an earlier Coffee Chat for this week.  Yesterday my daughter and I went out for her birthday lunch, finally, and it was delicious and lots of fun:  we savored the food and cocktails while chatting about our lives, including planning for my eldest son’s visit to the states in September.  Apparently all of my kids will be gathering for this event, and combining the celebratory moments to include my birthday in October!  That was a surprise, and none of them had mentioned it to me yet, as they weren’t planning to let me in on it until later.  But my daughter couldn’t restrain herself, LOL.

  • We had lunch at a place called The Point, which is a new one to me, but I will certainly return for more events!  Here is a photo of food and drink…and my daughter, too.  My lunch was a salmon sandwich, minus the bread, so basically a salad.  And Margaritas!  She had a lemon drop martini and something with steak.


Here I am, looking relaxed, LOL:

  • I’ve been reading The Housekeeper, by Joy Fielding, which I should finish today.
  • Tomorrow I will finally go shopping for my sofa bed, thanks to my granddaughter having a day off.  My daughter is opposed to this purchase, as she thinks I don’t need it and that my place will be too crowded.  I reminded her that I am moving some things out of the space, but she was still adamant about it.  She is pretty bossy, lol, but I am ignoring her.  You would think she would be the one making the purchase!  She and I have never agreed on interior decorating.
  • Luckily, I will be shopping with Fiona, who is a good one for this kind of activity.  She and I have similar tastes.


That’s my week so far.  Today I am relaxing with my books, my computer, and, unfortunately, listening to the gardeners mowing and blowing leaves! 

When I came home yesterday, my Internet was out, which was frustrating, as the TV, iPhone, and laptop all operate with the Internet.  It took a while, but there were things I could do to get it back (involving pushing buttons and reentering passwords!)…and I finally did.  Whew!

Enjoy your week!


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