Welcome to another Coffee Chat, during which we share tidbits from the week and plans for what comes next.  This week, my plan was to read more and also to enjoy an outing to shop for my sofa bed.  Alas, the shopping didn’t happen, as my friend called in sick…not Covid, but too sick to shop.  So we have postponed that outing.

  • I have read and reviewed one book so far:  The Couple at No. 9, by Claire Douglas, and I’m moving along on my read of Book Lovers, by Emily Henry.
  • This morning I am doing laundry, and I spent some time outdoors on the patio, reading and sipping coffee.


Meanwhile, in the evenings I am viewing The Gilmore Girls…again!  It has been a few years since I last watched it, so I’m loving the banter between Lorelai and Rory, not to mention all the intensity between Lorelai and her parents.  I also love seeing our friend Milo Ventimiglia (recently from This Is Us), back when he was a teenager.  Nephew of Luke, from the diner.

So…despite the missing outings, I am having a pretty good week.  What was yours like?



2 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: A WEEK AT HOME…

    1. Thanks, Katherine, I was disappointed about that, too, but instead of more reading, I did more binge-watching. The Gilmore Girls is just as much fun in this viewing as it was the first time. Enjoy your week.


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