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A great week, but I only read and reviewed ONE book!  It was a good one, though.  And I am still reading my second book and loving it. I only wrote four blog posts.

My viewing captured me this week.  I binge-watched the first half of Better Call Saul’s Season Six, the final one.  The second half of the season will drop weekly until it is finished.

I watched old shows, like The Undoing and the movie Crossing Delancey.  Then I tackled a new flick called A Mouthful of Air.  These were all on HBO Max.

I had a doctor appointment on Monday…after which I enjoyed fish and chips and two margaritas at Mad Duck.  Just to reward myself.

Today I did laundry and some cleaning, just to feel better about my overall laziness this week.

I am now alternating between Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.  Some aspects of Firefox are easier, but I am glad I can now comment on Blogger sites, which is why I enjoy Google Chrome.

Now let’s grab some coffee and/or a mimosa and take a closer look at my week:







Review:  The Hotel Nantucket, by Elin Hilderbrand

cropped again 5



The Shop on Royal Street, by Karen White

The Pink Suit, by Nicole Mary Kelby

The It Girl, by Ruth Ware (Currently Reading)


That was my week.  What did yours look like?  Here is my morning coffee in the bedroom, enjoying the view of my handbags on the “tree” and the chair.

framed bedroom morning

 I ordered another birdhouse for my patio…should I stop now?

framed birdhouse





  1. Good to see you enjoyed The Hotel Nantucket which is one I have now in mind to read after your review. I don’t know about the Karen White book – I got a bit tired of her last series but we shall see! I can have my arm twisted!

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  2. I’ve been watching a lot too- to the detriment of reading! And Google Chrome definitely makes commenting on Blogger blogs easier, seems like…

    I always like going out for fish. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Greg, and some recent changes in Blogger sites (I think) made commenting impossible for most blogs, so I had to do something! But there are some things I still like about Firefox. My bookmarks, for one thing. Maybe I will discover a way to work around things in Google Chrome.

      Enjoy your week. And fish and chips.


  3. Nicci

    I used to love Firefox as a browser but I’m all about Google Chrome nowadays… It just makes sense for me since my phone etc are all google and it’s easier to flip between devices and still have my bookmarks etc.

    Hope you have a good week! My Sunday Post

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    1. Thanks, Emily Jane, I have had a handbag tree for a few years, and I also like having a regular hall tree, but lost my gorgeous one when my daughter moved me in 2019. Now I have a new one in the entry hall, but it is smaller.

      I also used to only have birdhouses indoors…but now the patio is their spot.

      Loving The It Girl, but I spent so much time viewing this week that I haven’t read very much of it!

      Enjoy your week.

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      1. It’s great. We don’t have any space for one. All my bags are under the beds…

        So cute. I love the colour. We don’t have anything like that. We need to really.

        That’s the thing – need more time. I barely watch any TV these days!

        You too 🙂

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  4. I’m currently reading THE IT GIRL too! I’ve only read on other Ruth Ware book (The Lying Game) and it didn’t really work for me, but this one seems much better. At least so far–with thrillers, you can’t really make a call until the end. Have a great week!

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  5. I have been moving between Firefox (my usual browser) and Chrome so I can comment in the other blogs.
    I still haven’t read Karen White. Hope you enjoyed your reading and watching this week.

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    1. Thanks, Martha, I am glad to have found a way to comment on Blogger sites! It didn’t used to be a problem, but I think something changed on the site. Anyway, Google Chrome is a nice solution.

      Enjoy your week.


  6. Another cute birdhouse!

    I received It Girl this week too and I am looking forward to it, since I really enjoyed the author’s previous books.

    Hope you have a great week, happy reading!

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  7. One of the reasons I’ve been absent is because my daughter & I have been binging The Closer every night, which is when I usually write reviews. She goes back to uni next week though so I’ll hopefully get back on schedule.

    I have the It Girl on my TBR

    Wishing you a great reading week

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  8. Juli @ A Universe in Words

    Ooh fish and chips and margaritas, what a way to enjoy life!! I am now craving both! And better one good book than three disappointing ones, no? I’ve also been sucked into watching shows as well, but I’ve still got strong hopes I can get a lot of reading in this summer! I hope you have a great week and enjoy your books!
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

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  9. Kathy Martin

    I’ve been listening to lots of old favorite audiobooks which is putting me behind on review books. I need to concentrate on the review copies for a while, especially since I just got a new one that will release in August. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  10. I’m a bit behind in my reading because of family visits last weekend, but I will probably catch up soon.

    The Pink Suit in your incoming books looks promising.

    It’s funny how we have to have a couple of different browsers so we can comment on everyone’s blogs now.

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  11. You didn’t identify the subject of “The Pink Suit” but it is so engraved in my memory that I immediately knew whose suit and what the ghastly reason is why I remember it!

    Best…. Mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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  12. I watched the first episode of the final half of Better Call Saul and it’s off to a good start. All of your books look so good. I think they are all on my wishlist. Love the handbag tree and the cute birdhouse! Hope you have a great week!

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  13. I’ve pretty much given up reading Ruth Ware. Maybe if I hear tons of great things about The It Girl…
    “Overall laziness” could be viewed as healthful relaxation and self-care, right? Enjoy life and as many margaritas as you want!

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  14. I’ve heard other people say they’re having trouble commenting on Blogger blogs. I wonder what’s going on? Your new birdhouse is adorable. Can you really have too many? 🙂 Enjoy your week!


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