Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  Today I need the coffee, as I stayed up late last night…and the night before, binge-watching Season 6 of Better Call Saul.  I had almost forgotten about that show until the sixth season came out.  So I thought I would just check it out.  And couldn’t stop watching!  The second half of the season will drop episode by episode for five more.

I guess we can assume that my reading has slumped a bit this week, too, although I did finish reading and reviewing The Hotel Nantucket, by Elin Hilderbrand.  A five star read for me.

Now I am reading and loving The It Girl, by Ruth Ware.

  • How did we get to Friday already?  I have had a pretty busy week, even though the reading is slower.  Binge-watching can definitely consume the time.  But I also had a doctor appointment on Monday, so a Lyft ride over to Kaiser took time out of my day.  Then I went to Mad Duck for a margarita (or two) with fish and chips.

framed margarita


It is really HOT here!  I can only spend time on the patio in the early morning, and sometimes early evening.  The other day I sat out there and visited with the next door neighbor.  That was nice.

What has your week brought?  Are you enjoying reading and viewing?  Outings?


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