Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which I ruminate about the week past.  Above, here I am having a blissful coffee morning “under the umbrella.”  Then…along came some gusty winds that took down trees and started fires…and not surprisingly, took apart my umbrella!  I usually put it down at night, but on that evening, I was negligent and had forgotten.

  • Sadly, it is not fixable.  I look around at other patios in my area, and they are all intact.  But they were bigger and sturdier, like the one I used to own!  I had it for fourteen years…and it moved from place to place, never breaking down.  Sigh.  It served me well
  • framed patio


So…I guess I will go back to shopping for something sturdier, an umbrella I can tie down during the winds…or I can give up on the notion of the patio umbrella!

Meanwhile, I am reading and trying not to be distracted by the hearing that has pretty much preempted my favorite daytime shows for a few weeks.  The hearings are important, of course, but then again, sometimes we just want something to take our minds off of the disappointing events in our lives.

I was enjoying my current read:   It All Comes Down To This, by Therese Anne Fowler.  There are alternating characters, and I am enjoying the three sisters dealing with their mother’s death…but not really liking the ex-prisoner who is trying to buy their island home. 


Where has your week taken you?



    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and yes, sometimes the only way everyone can watch is on the network channels.

      As for the wind, wow! I couldn’t believe it whipped the umbrella out of my table and threw it across the lawn to the outside fence!

      Everyone else had sturdy umbrellas that they tied down. Like the one I used to have at my condo.

      I should have known the one I bought from Amazon was too delicate to last! LOL

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    1. Thanks, Linda, even though there were parts of It All Came Down To This that were a little slow and boring, it has picked up now and I am hoping to finish it this morning!

      So sad that my umbrella has “died.” The whole table/umbrella set-up was too small, which meant it wasn’t very sturdy, either. Sigh.

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