Welcome to my Coffee Chat.  It has been a while.  I am enjoying my outdoor coffee on the patio, and today I also had a mimosa.  In this week, I read two books so far, and I’m hoping to finish a third one.

On Wednesday, I took a Lyft to the doctor for a bone density appointment.  Not fun!  But I think the results came out okay.  I will wait for the doctor’s comments, if any.

My granddaughter Fiona plans to spend time with me this weekend!  I am looking forward to it, as she has been living in the mountains, thus limiting our time together.

Now let’s take a closer look.

  • While spending time with my book and my mimosa, I also messaged my Prague son, who is spending his evening now, fourteen hours ahead.
  • Now that it is Friday, I am contemplating the activities of the weekend.  First thing: chores, like laundry, which I did this morning.  I am forever grateful for my washer and dryer!  Then…arranging time with Fiona.
  • Here is Fiona’s profile picture.  I like how she changes it up regularly.

fiona profile


Here is a close-up of my Baker’s Rack, with some new items:

framed close up on may 23


What are you planning for the weekend?  Holiday activities, or time alone with books, etc.?


4 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: MY GOOD WEEK…

    1. Thanks, Katherine, I am loving my time with Fiona again. She was living in the mountains for several months, so I missed out on time with her. Now I am seeing her more regularly, and she is so helpful and fun.

      I love my Disney trinkets, too! Enjoy your week.


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