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As I enjoy looking back at my week, I am reminded of how much I love reading, blogging, and viewing.  Today I am planning ahead and cleaning house, while trying to decide if I want to go out today.  To eat fish and chips, perhaps?  My son in Prague send me a photo of his delicious lunch last week.

framed fish and chips

I read two books and wrote eight blog posts.  I watched an episode of a show called Gaslit, and I enjoyed binge-watching Grace & Frankie’s final season Sigh.

So…now let’s take a closer look at my week.


Sunday Potpourri:  Enjoying My Blogging…


Monday Thoughts…

Tuesday Excerpts:  “The Next Thing You Know”

Tuesday Potpourri:  New Books…

WWW Reading…

Coffee Chat:  An April Morning…

Bookish Friday:  “An Honest Lie”

Review:  Just Like Mother, by Anne Heltzel – NetGalley – 5/17/22

cropped again 5

Review:  214 Palmer Street, by Karen McQuestion

ratings worms 4-cropped



The Next Thing You Know, by Jessica Strawser – (New Download & Current Read)


What Happened to the Bennetts, by Lisa Scottoline


An Honest Lie, by Tarryn Fisher


That was my week.  I have been enjoying books and movies.  I binge-watched the final season of Grace and Frankie, and I’m in tears!  Saying goodbye was hard, but the scenes were wonderful.

grace and frankie



    1. Thanks, Mark, and I like how much simpler cleaning is here than it was three years ago in my bigger space. That reminder helps motivate me.

      I stayed up late last night binge-watching Ozark…after watching Grace and Frankie’s final season earlier. A good day!


  1. What a pleasant week you had! And I say, yes go for the fish and chips, lol, your son’s meal looks yummy. I also have the McQuestion book but I haven’t read it yet. I did read the Scottoline book and really enjoyed it! I truthfully enjoy anything she writes. This one is a bit darker than usual but very satisfying.

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    1. Thanks, Mia, I was happy to enjoy the McQuestion book, so I’ll be reading more from her.

      I ended up binge-watching more shows (Ozark) and ordered pie and ice cream from Instacart…and the ingredients for mimosa for today!


    1. Thanks, Sophie, I still didn’t go for fish and chips…too lazy to go anywhere, but ordered pie and ice cream to eat while binge-watching Ozark.

      When I keep writing posts, it’s more about my need to chat…but it is fun for me.


  2. I hope you ended up having a wonderful Sunday!

    I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of Grace & Frankie, but never watched more. Don’t really know why. I’ll watch a few more.

    As always, you have some great books to keep you company.

    Have a good week and happy reading.

    Elza Reads

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  3. Glad you had such a good week doing all the things you love! Fish and chips sounds delicious… it’s been ages since I last had some. Grace and Frankie has been on my ‘to watch’ list for what seems like forever… must get to ti soon! Hope the week ahead is another good one. Happy May!

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  4. Yum for fish and chips! I haven’t started Grace and Frankie yet. So, I still have some binge watching to look forward to. I think I’ll wait for the current TV season to be over. Your books all look so good. Have a great week!

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  5. Victoria Hamel

    Oh I’m glad you enjoyed the finale of Grace and Frankie. I’m still on season 2. Thanks for the reminder to get back to it. Your son’s lunch looks very good!

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  6. I just read that Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People is on currently streaming on Netflix. I enjoyed the book so that will be in my viewing plans very soon! Have a wonderful week, Laurel.

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  7. I need to get back to Grace and Frankie! I didn’t watch the first half of the last season because I wanted to be able to watch the entire season at once. Now I just need to find the time to do it!

    Have a great week!

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  8. All your books look great this week, they all intrigue me!

    I’ve never watched Grace and Frankie but I’ve heard some good things about it, I need to add it to my queue. Have a great week and happy reading!

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  9. Susan

    Yeah it does seem sad that the Grace & Frankie show is over. I haven’t seen much of it (as I don’t have Netflix) but it looks entertaining — and 7 Seasons, wow! I hope you are enjoying your patio with nice weather! Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks, Susan, and I can binge-watch all of Grace and Frankie someday when there is nothing else to watch!

      My patio days are good, although some days are too windy, and yesterday the gardeners were blowing leaves all over the place, LOL.


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