No one was ever supposed to see her…

When Maggie sees the beautiful Venetian blinds moving in the Caldwells’ front window, she freezes. Her favorite neighbors Cady and Josh are away, so who is in their house?

The pretty young woman who answers the door tells a convincing story. She’s Sarah. The house-sitter. Just here for a month. An old friend of Cady’s who needed a place to stay. She’s pleasant and warm, and Maggie wanders back to her house thinking she might have made a new friend. Yet she can’t help but wonder why Cady never mentioned Sarah.

What Maggie doesn’t know is that on the other side of the door, Sarah is starting to panic. No one was meant to see her at 214 Palmer Street…
an interior journey thoughts

In alternating timelines, Sarah Aden is on a mission to uncover the secrets of 214 Palmer Street. The house where her husband Kirk grew up, and where something terrible happened one night when he and his friends were teenagers, is the root of all the secrets she must discover.

She is masquerading as a house sitter for the Caldwells, who now live in that house, and they are meant to be gone for a month.

But others are also determined to keep those secrets, like Gavin, Clarice, and Kirk. What happened back then in that bomb shelter, where the kids hung out, almost as if it were a playhouse? After the terrible events of that night, Kirk’s parents covered up the bomb shelter, and everything was hidden. But what happened to Jeremy, their other friend? And how could she find out?

Rapidly turning pages, I couldn’t wait to find the answers, and as the narrators took us back and forth in time, we tried anticipating what would happen next, but nothing could prepare us for the journey to the truth. 4.5 star


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