Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  A time to ponder the week so far, and plan ahead for the weekend.

  • I have been watching shows, including another episode of And Just Like That...
  • I finally finished one of my backlog books from 2017:  Same Beach, Next Year, by Dorothea Benton Frank
  • Now I am ready to read some newer books, like Find Me, by Alafair Burke
  • I am also searching through ads for area stores, hoping to finally replace the Baker’s Rack lost to me in the move of 2019!  Here’s the one I lost, on the far right:


I found some images online…and hope to go shopping soon!


baker's rack 2baker's rack 3


I also saw some on Amazon, but I will only buy there if I can add the assembling task to the order!


Are you wondering when my obsessive need to replace things will end?  Maybe not for a while, but I did hold out for my favorite doll (photo at the top of the post)…and my Fantasia Mickey, below!

framed mickey 3


What are you obsessed about?  If anything?  How do you deal with that feeling?



  1. Victoria Hamel

    I think I have a short attention span when it comes to obsession. When I am looking for a specific item I use the app Mercari which is kinda like a more organized FB Marketplace.

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