Welcome to my first Coffee Chat of the year.  So far, it has been a good one, with books I have loved and activities that are bringing joy.

  • Let’s begin with First Book of the Year.  I love that event, and, of course, participated this year for the ninth time!  I chose State of Terror, by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny…and finished the book on Tuesday. 
  • Now I am reading My Darling Husband, and the pages are flying by!
  • On Monday, my daughter came by to take me shoe shopping…and brought an unexpected treasure from my past!  My Fantasia Mickey, that I thought was lost to me.  But she had it all along.  My eldest son said:  “Was she holding him HOSTAGE?”  But apparently she hadn’t sold him, so why not let me have him?  LOL



Yesterday I had brunch at Mimi’s with one of my oldest friends.  We met almost 50 years ago, and were colleagues, friends, and now have been helping each other through the tough times of the past two years.

  • We had toasted with our Mimosas (below), and right after the food came along, she got a phone call (above).  A typical event in today’s world.

barb at brunch(1)


What are you enjoying already in this New Year?



8 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: TO BEGIN ANEW…

    1. Me, too, Kathryn, and as for my son’s comment: we have all been frustrated by how, when my daughter moved my stuff, she sold some things, gave some things away, and then stashed other things…but didn’t tell me! I guess she wanted Mickey to be like a gift, lol.

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  1. I haven’t been out too much yet. Trying to stay home and be safe.

    I have been reading and baking and cooking…haven’t been to the gym, but did walk a few days.

    Snowed here, and it is frigid so not going to walk.

    Enjoy your weekend, Laurel.

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