Good morning!  It is long overdue for a Coffee Chat; the last one was just before my birthday in October.  But with Christmas just ahead, let’s try it again.

  • It has been raining for the past two days, and while we do need it, I cringe every time I have to walk down to the mailbox on slippery sidewalks! 
  • Today I knew I had to go, as I had two packages waiting!  Usually they drop those off at my front door, but naturally they didn’t do that this week.
  • So…that is done, and I am feeling cozy indoors again, sipping my coffee.
  • I have read and reviewed two books so far, and I just started the third one.  Oh William! and The Janes kept me busy turning pages.  Now I am reading A Simple Favor.
  • Yesterday I had a video chat with my youngest son who is back home in Crescent City.  It was nice to talk again, now that he is back home.  He spent two months here in October and November.  Before that, I hadn’t seen him since before the Pandemic!
  • I am grateful for video chats, Skype, and even text-messaging.
  • My granddaughter came down for lunch last week…but it might be a while before I see her again.  She is working two hours away at a ski resort.  She posted this photo on Facebook, however, and now I have it on my laptop screen.  The photo was taken here in the valley, before she and her boyfriend headed up the mountain.


What are your holiday plans?  Even if you don’t go out and about, hopefully you can curl up with books and video chat with friends and family.  Happy Holidays!



  1. I hope you’re able to catch up with family, even if only virtually, over the festive season. My sister will be spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day with me and my husband. Then it will be enjoying quiet time with my books and waiting to find out if the government will be introducing further restrictions here in the UK 😦

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  2. Ahhhh so nice to have a day off from work and join you for a cup of coffee!

    Always exciting to get packages in the mail! Glad you didn’t slip and fall when you went out to fetch them.

    For some reason I keep forgetting to put Oh William on my TBR! It is on there now.

    Glad you got to chat with your son, and OF COURSE Fiona has a cool job, working at a ski resort. lol

    Enjoy your warm and cozy day!

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