Another week has ended, and in my typical Friday night moments, I watch a few shows, read a book that has me captivated, and plan for the weekend.

When I was reading emails this morning, I happened on the photo above:  a Country Living breakfast room that makes me feel cozy.

I do love cozy things.

I even uploaded the image as my laptop screen saver. 


Because I tend to fiddle around with my sites during the week, I discovered something on this blog.  One of my widgets was not working!  Somehow, in the process of changing to Block Editor, my Archives widget lost its mojo. So I went to the WP site and arranged for one of the Word Press design folks to check it out.  He assessed the situation, and for a nominal fee agreed to fix it. 

Now it is all set.  I wish I had asked him how he did it…just in case something like that happens again.  Block Editor has messed up quite a few things.  Sigh.

I am trying not to worry too much about what might happen next.  But that’s how I am.  For example, I have a nice washer and dryer that I bought when I moved here, and it is doing a good job for me.  But every time I use it, I feel anxious. What if it stops working?  Silly, right?

So far, it is doing well.


I am currently reading a new book from Michelle Richmond:  The Wonder Test.  It is set in the Silicon Valley, and involves a posh neighborhood with a school that focuses on “ high-stakes education, the 1%, and suburban tropes: imagine a coffee date with Lisa Lutz’s Spellmans and Tom Perotta’s suburbanites in a sun-drenched Twin Peaks.” Booklist, starred review

I am a fan of this author, but it has been a while since I read her last book, which was The Marriage Pact.  Also a really captivating read.

I do enjoy following favorite authors.


What has grabbed your interest tonight?  Are you reading/viewing/or going out into the community?


10 thoughts on “WEEKEND THOUGHTS…

  1. Love that cozy picture of the kitchen, would be very happy to cook and eat there every day. Hmm washing machines. I noticed today one of my blades inside is broken. I think I must have washed a sheepskin under blanket in it and perhaps it was too heavy for it. I may have to see if it can be replaced. There is always someone to turn to if needs be! Great that the WordPress archives were fixed up for you.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and you are right. There are always people (companies?) to turn to when things go wrong. In my condo where I lived for twelve years, my washer and dryer hummed along with no repairs ever needed! Was that a fluke? I am hoping to just manage a day at a time without worry.

      A sheepskin? That sounds interesting.

      In my condo, I had a very cheerful kitchen with lots of bright colors…this County Living photo reminds me of that one. I like spending time in cheerful rooms.

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  2. Definitely reading for me as I need to keep on top of books for blog tours plus I’m taking part in the NetGalley November reading challenge. Anything else would a distraction, although I will be watching Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night (the UK equivalent of Dancing With The Stars).

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    1. Thanks, BiteIntoBooks, in previous years, I was not a fan of Christmas, probably because of bad things that happened in the past. For some reason, I am now feeling cheerful and hopeful.

      I have mini Christmas trees that I will bring out…but perhaps I will do more!


  3. I intend to fully enjoy Thanksgiving and or “turkey for two” before putting up decorations and listening to Christmas music. Thanksgiving is such a lovely tradition and an opportunity to express gratefulness. Sometimes I feel we gyp Thanksgiving rushing into Christmas.

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  4. The kitchen photo is so cheery – love it. We’ll be hosting Thankgiving so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed so I’m going to make a list and start crossing things off. That usually helps. Have a good week and enjoy your reading, Laurel.

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