Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

  • Here we are at Friday again, and with the weekend looming, I am eagerly anticipating some things on the horizon:  like the chairs that will make my new Coca Cola dining room table complete!  They are expected within a couple of weeks.  Don’t you hate waiting for things?

  • Meanwhile, I am reading something new at the moment:  56 Days, by Catherine Ryan Howard.
  • Earlier in the week, I read and reviewed 28 Summers, by Elin Hilderbrand, and Rock Paper Scissors, by Alice Feeney.
  • Today I woke up at my usual time (5:30), but I kept turning over, hoping to sleep a little longer.  Sadly, I couldn’t manage it.  But once I was up, all was good.  I like my morning routines:  shower, makeup, vitamins and meds., and checking my bank balance.  Which had a nice surprise today!  I had heard there would be another stimulus check for Californians…but didn’t really expect it.  But there it was!
  • Now I will probably go on Amazon to order some of the things that were going to wait until next week!
  • I wish I had my car!  Yes, that lovely little Toyota Matrix with its ability to fold down the back seat to haul things.  I do miss those days.  But sadly, it is gone.  I found a photo of one like my old car, though.


I do have a tendency to mourn lost things…furniture, cars, and other treasures.  I am glad that I have photos of most of these things.  The photo, below, contains many of my favorite things from my previous residence (before the “prison” residence, lol):


What has your week brought you?



    • Thanks, Linda, the best thing about the car: I bought it after I retired, so it had low mileage when I finally got rid of it: only 44,000!

      Looking back, I wish I had made a different decision about it, but we can’t go back, can we? But I am loving the table, and a way of going back on that decision!

      Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. The week has brought me some new plants, which brought a weekend of yard work, which brought us a Sunday Evening “sit down” in lawn chairs watching a pair of hummingbirds, male and female, feeding from the new plants. God is good.

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