It is time for another Coffee Chat. And yes, I usually do those on Thursday or Friday, but yesterday was a great day, and I would like to celebrate it.

After staying close to home for days on end, I finally had some outings. First, my granddaughter came over and put my vacuum cleaner together…and then we vacuumed the floors! The bedroom has carpeting and I only have one area rug in the living room. It didn’t take long!

Then we went to Mimi’s for brunch! I love that place, and after enjoying mimosas and a quiche, we hightailed it to the phone store.

My iPhone is old! I bought it in 2015, so an upgrade was in order. Everything is different in the phone store! Just like the differences when I ordered Internet and TV services, everything is done online, even though we are in the actual store. Someone will come to my apartment on Friday to set everything up. Easy peasy, with no long lines!


Then Fiona and I came back to my apartment and just hung out, visiting.  I have been missing these get-togethers.  She is so busy, though, so the time together was a treasure.

She is doing her massage therapy again in a place close to my favorite restaurants. 


Today I started reading a book I bought in 2020:  Surfside Sisters, by Nancy Thayer.


I hope to immerse myself in my books for the rest of the week, happy that I’ve had time with Fiona, enjoyed an outing, and have a working vacuum cleaner!


How is your week shaping up?



  1. Ha, glad the vacuum cleaner is together. Hope its a light one. I think I might need to get myself a lighter one. What a great time out and yes your iphone was due for an overhaul. I had to do that last year as we scan into places when we go into them and my old phone wouldn’t scan the barcodes.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I am loving the light vacuum cleaner that is bagless; easy to empty out and clean.

      The phone definitely needed an update. I was so happy with the ease of it; someone will come to my apartment and set everything up!


  2. You have a wonderful grandchild who share many fun adventures with you, eating and shopping and hanging out! You always mention how helpful she is to you 🙂
    When I lived in CA I found a Mimi’s near my home and got excited because you had mentioned it in a post but when I went to visit it, found out it was closed for good! So disappointing! You seem to have some yummy meals when you are out and about!

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