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Another good week!  I ended up reading and reviewing four books and writing seven blog posts!  I watched some episodes of Grace & Frankie, Nine Perfect Strangers, and the fifth season of Better Call Saul. 

I didn’t leave the house once, except to walk around the complex, but that felt okay for me.  I curled up on my sofa to read, hung out on my laptop, and even caught up on my sleep.

Every day I walk a little more, mostly for things like collecting the mail…and even walking down to the outgoing mailbox to submit my ballot for the recall election in September.

I am still ogling the Coca Cola dining room sets…but I’ll hold off on anything more than looking for now.  I am still adjusting to my new normal, not wanting to overspend, as I am keeping track of my new expenses.  The bills are much less than before, but this month, I bought some extra things as I settled into my new space.

Now let’s take a closer look at my week.

Tuesday Excerpts:  “Gone for Good”

Tuesday Potpourri:  The Books Keep Coming…


WWW Reading…

Digging Up Books on the Backlog…

Coffee Chat:  Another Week…

Bookish Friday:  “The Last House on the Street”

Review:  All the Best Lies, by Joanna Schaffhausen

cropped again 5

Review:  Cul-d-Sac, by Joy Fielding

cropped again 5

Review:  The Necklace, by Matt Witten – (NG-9/7/21)

cropped again 5

Everything We Keep, by Kerry Lonsdale

ratings worms 4-cropped



The Reckoning, by Mary L. Trump



The Perfect Family, by Robyn Harding


That was my week. What did yours look like? Now I will curl up here and read some more…



  1. Like you, I am staying home and reading and sleeping as well. I am back at square one in my recovery this week after a darned relapse. At least I avoided going into the hospital again. I found a doctor that agreed with me that the Covid-filled hospitals here are dangerous, and I was put on an antibiotic and told to shelter at home. Sigh…I wish I were getting better.

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  2. Susan

    It looks comfy there in your new place. Perfect for reading. Are you interested in the recall? If they would just get the vaccines & wear masks as needed! I hope Mary Trump lays waste to her uncle’s admin. I heard her on the news and she sounds about as angry as I still am. Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks, Susan, and I was able to change my address in time to get a ballot for that one…and I’ve already sent it in. Definitely don’t want him recalled.

      Mary Trump’s first book was a good one, so I’m looking forward to this one.

      Definitely still angry about the Big Lie. What a “grift” that has been, and a way of holding followers hostage in his game.

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  3. Diane

    I had a week where I stayed home most of the week, it does make for some good reading time. The Perfect Family is on my list and curious what this Mary Trump book is like as well. Have a good week Laurel.

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    1. Thanks, Lori, I did have a Coca Cola dining set in my previous apartment (more than two years ago!), and so sorry that my daughter “sold” or gave it away. Sigh.

      I know she didn’t think I would have room for it in the studio apartment, but I knew I wouldn’t be there very long! I just had a feeling. LOL


  4. Juli @ A Universe in Words

    Nine Perfect Strangers is also on my watch list, I looks like great fun! And sometimes you really just need a week of calm and relaxing, of settling in and looking around you, rather than loads of action. I hope you enjoy ‘The Reckoning’, I’ve seen/read a few interviews with her so it should be an interesting read! I hope you also have a lovely week 🙂
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

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  5. All I have to do is look at your beautiful new space and I can see why you didn’t leave the house last week…It’s a perfect space, especially for reading.

    You had an amazing week, Laurel. Four books and seven blog posts!

    I’m very curious about that Mary Trump book. We as a country sure need healing, I think.

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  6. Glad to hear you have a had a relaxing week and have been upping your walking in your new complex. It is a good idea to take it easy and get used to your new surroundings. As for me I have a busy and exciting week away… again! Nice to be home and I have spent the last few days readjusting, too! 😃

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  7. Even being able to go out and walk a short way when you feel like it is nice. It’s all about choice. Lots of great viewing achieved as well as reading. I think its fun just even thinking about what you’ll get and looking online for the dining room set.

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  8. Love your space to read and watch! I hope you recover quickly. So sorry you haven’t been well.

    I can’t wait to catch up on Grace and Frankie. I’ll probably do that this week. I’ve also been enjoying Nine Perfect Strangers. Loving Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman.

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    1. Thanks, Gofita, I am okay, recovered from what placed me in that horrible residential facility over two years ago. I was actually okay after the first few months, but then the Pandemic came. So isolation followed!

      I never wanted to be there, so I am happy to finally live in my independent apartment.


  9. Your new place looks great! And I hope you get to get the Coca- Cola set at some point. 🙂

    I’m curious about Nine Perfect Strangers. I’m a big Liane Moriarty fan but haven’t read that one…

    Hope you have a nice week. 🙂

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  10. Literary Feline

    I think I will have to give Grace and Frankie a try. I saw the trailer for it and thought it sounded good. You’ve reminded me my husband and I need to drive our ballots to the registrar’s office. My mom was visiting recently and we looked at a couple of places she is considering moving to nearby. She’s ready to downsize and is finally ready to make a move. It will nice to have her closer. I hope you have a great week. Stay safe.

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    1. Thanks, Wendy, I hope your mom finds a place nearby that is a good fit for her.

      I am sorry that I didn’t find that when I downsized…until now! I am very happy in my new apartment.

      Enjoy your books and your week.


  11. Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf

    What did you think of Nine Perfect Strangers? I’m yet to watch it and wondering how closely it followed the book. Hope you are enjoying The Perfect Family. I have that waiting to be read.

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  12. Kathy Martin

    Curling up and reading is what I am doing most of the time too. I’m also walking outdoors with an audiobook going on days with the correct temperature (I’m really picky.) Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  13. Our cases are going up here, but nothing outrageous. We’re still cautious because my daughter remains without a vaccine because of her age. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will be able to go to school in-person without incident. I have read some poetry but not much fiction. I do like Stephen King on audio though. My mom is interested Mary Trump’s book.

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  14. Wow! I missed a lot while I was out of commission this month! Your new place looks and sounds great! I’m still staying away from psychological suspense and politics for a while longer, so I’ll just watch for your reviews of this week’s books instead of reading the books myself. 😉

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  15. Sounds like a nice, low-stress week for you. Sounds like you moved recently? I bet you needed that low-key week!

    Better Call Saul is SO good! We resisted watching it for so long and then wondered why we waited! Can’t wait for season 6 – it’s been a long break in between. I enjoy Grace & Frankie, too.

    Enjoy your books (and TV!) this week –

    Book By Book

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    1. Thanks, Sue, I loved Breaking Bad, so when Better Call Saul came out, I had to jump on it. But then two years ago I moved and didn’t have many channels any more…that was two years lost!

      Now I am in an apartment I love, to which I moved in July. Everything is better again!


  16. Cheryl Malandrinos

    Sounds like you’re being prudent about your spending. I would love to buy new things for our house as well, but not the right time.

    Both of your books sound great. Thanks for visiting me last week.

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