It is Friday again, and as I ponder the week behind me, I am eagerly planning what lies ahead.

Above, note my #2 son and his three adult children, all of whom have been unavailable as a group for the past two years.  On the right is Aubrey, who has been living in New Zealand and staying safe during the Pandemic.


As for my upcoming plans, I am excited about the possibility of a move to the apartment nearby, one that is currently available and that will finally allow for a more independent lifestyle.  It can happen soon, but now I am waiting to see if my daughter is able to help with the move.  The timing might be great. Or not.

In the meantime, I am loving Season 3 of Virgin River…and awaiting an Instacart order for the weekend.

I just finished reading and reviewing The Fiancee, by Kate White, and earlier in the week I finished The Stepsisters, by Susan Mallery.

This week I added a new doll to my collection (on the left).  Should I be doing this when I might need to pack up everything?  Oh, well, sometimes life throws unexpected curves.


What are your weekend plans? Are you waiting for something that you are anticipating?


5 thoughts on “ANOTHER FRIDAY…

  1. I had a jam-packed day today, meeting with students, so I am hoping for a peaceful, quiet, reading Saturday and a chance to attend Sunday school Sunday, then spend the afternoon cooking ahead and freezing. That’s my weekend plans.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, on Wednesday, I should find out if my application has been approved. I hope there are no problems, but there shouldn’t be. I am just always anxious until everything is set.

      My granddaughter, who lived in New Zealand for more than a year, is back home in LA! I haven’t seen her yet.

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