The photo above takes me back in time to happier days.  The condo where I lived for twelve years and where I surrounded myself with collections and books.  Most of which are no longer with me in my smaller space.

Today is Friday, and the Fourth of July is just ahead.  As I ponder how much time has already flown by this year, I am stunned and concerned.

Yes, the passage of time can be a good thing when we are hoping to move beyond something dark and grim, like the whole of 2020.  But this year was supposed to bring good things!

I am glad to be fully vaccinated, but not happy about the residence where I live.  Too much control has been wrested away from us, even those of us who are supposedly “independent living” residents.

How did I let this happen?  I did sign myself in here, but to be fair, I had been ill and was awaiting surgery.  But I could have done that at my former residence.  I allowed my “kids” to convince me that I couldn’t.

I have tried to cope by adding bookshelves and comfort objects, like dolls, and spending a lot of time watching movies…and blogging.


I have activated an application for a senior apartment nearby that is NOT “assisted living:” I laugh when I think of that label. What assistance am I receiving for the outrageous price I pay? Oh, yeah, food from the dining room which is so bad that I spend additional money buying a lot of my own food. Oh, and a housekeeper, who does very little. I maintain the place myself. And laundry. I also go upstairs to the self-service washer/dryer units and do all of my outfits.

As for the apartment nearby, there will probably be a long wait, since hardly anyone ever leaves. I don’t want someone to have to DIE before I can move in.

I will hide out in my apartment for most of the weekend…unless my granddaughter surprises me with an outing. Or perhaps a friend will do so.

I am grateful for friends and family, and I love reading books and watching movies. So my focus will turn to these activities as a tried and true way of coping.


I am still frustrated by Block Editor, but managing to work with it most of the time. How are the rest of you handling this year as it slips by? Happy Fourth of July!


11 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS ON A FRIDAY…

  1. Diane

    I hope you can find a place that makes you happy Laurel. A place without “Lot’s of rules” and restrictions. Meanwhile, enjoy some good books, movies and a glass of wine or 2.

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    1. Thanks, Diane, I do plan to enjoy books and some glasses of wine…what would I do without these good things? Meanwhile, I will wait for that new apartment for as long as it takes!

      I am grateful that I love being an introvert, with occasional outings to keep me centered.

      Have a great weekend, and I will try to do the same!


  2. Laurel, I can feel your frustration. I hope an apartment opens up or an even better place is found. Is that a possibility?
    I’m still having issues with block editor. The post I set up for this Sunday will look odd, imo. I was able to do pics in one size and save the draft. On another day I tried to add more and couldn’t get the pics to resize like I had the first day. Very annoying. I gave up and just went with what it would allow me to do. In the grand scheme it a small thing. But when it is my main hobby should it really be that hard? Maybe I’ll join you with that glass of wine!

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    1. I am with you in that frustration, Mary, and wonder why WP administration has to set up so many road blocks to our little bit of fun?

      Let’s have a big glass of wine the next time we try to write a post.

      I am still eyeing apartments, just in case something else is more available.

      Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  3. I wish you a happy July 4th however you spend it. Will especially think of you, well of course a day ahead so not long to go!! I do hope you get an apartment soon, even in some other place than the one you are looking at. It is so important to be happy and content where we are and really you have lost control over so much. Does your family see what this present place is doing to you – killing your very soul! Is that too dramatic? Maybe but you do what you know is right for you. Oh I have made my peace with WordPress, I just use classic block every time!

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and I think my eldest son definitely sees it and is applauding my efforts to move on. My daughter, who was the biggest champion of this place, is starting to change her mind, too. She even said she would do all the heavy lifting in the move. Let’s see if that actually happens, though, lol.

      Have a great weekend!

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  4. Susan

    I am sorry you are frustrated waiting for the apartment … Is there any other apartment you could possibly move into? Do your kids realize you want to move out as soon as possible? I hope it all works out so you can be somewhere else. Your health sounds fine now … so it doesn’t seem like you need assisted living …

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    1. Thanks, Susan, my eldest son is on board with the move, and I am sure the other sons will be, too. My daughter is finally coming around, and said she would do the “heavy lifting” of the actual move.

      Time will tell if she means that, though, lol. Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye out for apartments.

      I hope to get the apartment that I have already applied for, however, as it will be just what I need, and the move would be a short one as it is just across the street!

      Enjoy your week, and I’m glad for the supportive comments.


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