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This week brought a better variety of activities, beginning with a lunch outing, some movies and shows to watch, and three books read and reviewed!  I only wrote three blog posts, however, but I guess that is part of the variety of the week.

I am fighting the flies today, seemingly appearing from nowhere, as I don’t have any open windows.  But people do come in and out of the apartment throughout the day, another annoying feature of this place, so they are probably bringing the pests with them!

Today I have been hiding out in my apartment in order to finish the third book of the week, which is my fifth book for my Nonfiction Reading Challenge.

I plan to find more movies to watch tonight.  Meanwhile, I will fix dinner in my apartment and enjoy a Mimosa!




Tuesday Excerpts:  “The Newcomer”

Neglected Book…

Bookish Friday: “The Photographer”

Review:  You Will Remember Me, by Hannah Mary McKinnon

cropped again 5

Review:  The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig

ratings worms 3-cropped

Review:  Brat:  An 80s Story, by Andrew McCarthy

cropped again 5



Pack Up the Moon, by Kristan Higgins


The Photographer, by Mary Dixie Carter


CURRENTLY READING: This week has been one of picking up first one book and then another. I finally settled on and finished three, but I am still uncertain about what is next!

Perhaps I will start reading The Newcomer, by Mary Kay Andrews.


That was my week. What did yours look like? Here is a photo of a delicious yogurt lemon cake.



  1. Sounds like a really good week. Those flies, sneaky things. I have screens on doors and windows but a few sneak in when I go out in summer. Ha, my next read is The Newcomer, it just came for me from the library.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, we keep telling the staff here that they need to put something on the doorways…screens, I guess! I can’t figure out why they’re not better at keeping the pests away! In my first year, we had cockroaches!

      Meanwhile, I hope to love The Newcomer. Maybe I will be in the mood for it.

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  2. I’ve been watching more shows (and reading less) as well myself. And flies yikes! I hate it when they get in the house. That must be annoying when people let ’em in lol.

    The Photographr looks fun.

    Love that cover of the Newcomer. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Greg, we have doors that don’t close very quickly, so that people in wheelchairs can get through, so I guess there are extra challenges here. But…surely there is something to be done?

      Meanwhile, viewing and reading!


  3. Sounds like a week of fun and variety, except for those pesky flies, Laurel-Rain! 😊 I’m afraid my week has not been so fun with work, fatigue and anxiety, so I took comfort in much loved films and TV shows. 📺 Take care and happy reading in the coming week 🙂

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  4. I see some books that I want to check out.

    I’ve been watching a lot of movies and new to me shows lately, and trying to stay focused on books without much success.

    I don’t like flies at all! I haven’t seen one since we moved from the country though.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  5. Maybe flies are abundant this year. We’ve had troubles with them, too!

    Glad to see you enjoyed the memoir by Andrew McCarthy. I was curious what you would think about that one.

    I’d love to have the recipe for the yogurt lemon cake. I think I’ll look for one!

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    • I have always liked Andrew McCarthy more than the other Brat packers…except for Molly Ringwald and Demi Moore, perhaps.

      I hope you find the lemon yogurt cake! We have no way to cook or bake in our apartments here…unless you can use a microwave, lol.

      Enjoy your week, Deb.


  6. It sounds like you had a nice week, Laurel-Rain. I am glad you were able to enjoy a lunch outing! I hate flies. I hope you are able to get rid of them. They can be stubborn. I hope you enjoy The Newcomer. I keep hearing good things about it. Have a great week!

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  7. Sounds like a really good week! I can’t imagine how flies always manage to get in… must be some kind of superpower, but they sure are pests. Haven’t read May Kay Andrews in a while, but her latest looks good… as does that yogurt lemon cake. Yum!

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  8. Sorry you are being pestered by flies. We’ve had tree frogs in the house this week. At least they might eat flies if we had that problem.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your varied week. That is a good looking dessert.
    Enjoy your week with good movies and books.

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  9. Lunch and movies sound like a great week. It’s amazing how those flies manage to sneak in even if you have all the windows closed. We have the same problem with mozzies in summer. The Photographer sounds good. I’m just going to check it out now.

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  10. Sometimes life outside of books and blogging gets to take priority for a little bit! I also really want to read The Midnight Library, it sounds like such a beautiful book! I hope you have a lovely start to the week and do drop by my Monday postif you have the time! – Juli @ A Universe in Words

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