I am struggling. I know how to add the links to the images, but when I open the post and try to maneuver, the blocks leap around and make the task impossible. Except that sometimes it works. Sigh.

Meanwhile, however, I am thinking that links to my images are not as important as the links I apply to the book titles, etc. Right?

Has anyone else found the task insurmountable at times?

The simplest things are difficult. Like creating a “quote” of a paragraph. Finding the right block, but then discovering that it eludes me. Escapes me.

I am deciding what to focus on when I write a post. Can my images exist without links? Yes, I think they can.

As long as my book titles take us to the sites where our products are purchased and where readers can find our reviews.


What do you think about the newest WordPress changes? Are they worth all the hassle?


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14 thoughts on “CHANGE & HOW IT AFFECTS US…

  1. As I generally draft the majority of my book review posts in Word, I have been using the Classic block and then copying and pasting into that as I’m familiar with with the menu, how to add images, links, etc. I also make use of the Copy Post function for things like memes such as WWW Wednesday using posts created before the Block Editor was introduced and then amending as necessary.

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  2. I understand and sympathize. Blogger has been making a lot of changes that I’ve been struggling with and I thought maybe I might just switch to WordPress, since I’ve got a WP blog I never use. But WordPress is now even harder to use than Blogger! Maybe it’s just me getting really, really old, but it does seem that they’re making things needlessly difficult. And the tutorials aren’t much help. But I’m sure we’ll eventually get used to all the new stuff.

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    • Thanks, Joy, but just when I start to get used to the very challenging changes, they twist things up again! I didn’t like Blogger, so I am glad to have Word Press…most of the time. I just hope they don’t seriously mess with the design elements I so enjoy, like headers, etc.


  3. Yeah I am struggling a bit like yourself. I like making a gallery but when I put the Gallery block in it goes where I don’t want it. I use the Classic block and that helps with linking titles but haven’t tried linking book covers. Must try. Usually I google “How to use whatever block I want to learn about and sometimes it helps.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I am thinking of Googling the blocks, too. So far, I don’t find the WP tutorials that helpful. However, I have discovered that I can link an image fairly easily…and then next time I try it, it doesn’t work. Sigh. Primarily because the blocks dance all over the place instead of going where I need them to go! What’s up with that?

      I haven’t tried the Gallery block because I don’t even understand the point of it. LOL.

      Remember when they were hyping the use of the Block Editor as the “easier way to blog”? That is hilarious!

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  4. You know how I feel about it. I like Kathryn’s rec of searching (google or otherwise) how to use a specific block. At the moment, my problem is remembering how I got to a certain point. Sometimes I get to where I want to go and many times I don’t. Usually repetition helps me adjust but so far, not so much. I’ll keep trying. I will be okay with my images not linking as long as I can link the actual titles on my posts.

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    • Thanks, Mary, I agree about being satisfied with linking the titles…for now. But I am stubborn, and I know that I will keep plugging away until it works for me. Or until I throw everything out! LOL

      Why do you suppose the WP team thought this system was “easier”? Remember how they hyped it in the beginning, when they wanted us to try it…before they FORCED us to use it?


      • I wonder if it’s easier to people who’ve grown up with computers, software, etc – so it’s intuitive. I’ve had to educate myself since getting a computer in the 90s so change like this doesn’t come easy to me. I don’t get the “it’s easier” attitude.

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  5. At first, I found the blocks extremely frustrating. Now, maybe slightly less so. I created new templates for my It’s Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, and Weekend Cooking posts — mostly heading, image, text; repeat — because copying and pasting from old posts was causing me to forget to change things, such as dates, etc. Now I just clone/copy the template to start a new post. The images are definitely much harder to work with than they used to be; I can’t do much editing after inserting, so I have to resize and crop ahead of time before inserting.

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    • Thanks, Laurie, I have had the same issue with images, although I have created some in a draft, and then copy them into a post as needed.

      I also copy the old blog posts with the links to the memes, and add the new info below.

      I can imagine that some posts will be easier than others, but they will be smoother over time…hopefully.

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