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an interior journey thoughts


  • So many thoughts, including my frustrations about the newest Block Editor changes!  I simply cannot easily work around this newest version.  Can anyone steer me in the right direction?  I sent an email to WP Support, but who knows when or how they will respond?
  • Meanwhile, I am enjoying my new desk chair, with its lightness and ability to move around while I work.

framed desk chair and wicker chair

  • To the right, notice my wicker chair by the bookshelves. 
  • Meanwhile, outside my window is the noisy sound of the gardeners.  Every Thursday, they mow and use that horrible leaf blower.  Sigh.  Who knew that these sounds would follow me here?
  • This week has brought some lovely books to read, however, including Her Dark Lies, by J. T. Ellison.
  • Currently, I am reading a print volume of a book that has been on my shelves for a while:  White Palace, by Glenn Savan.
  • I am feeling good about getting out and about a bit, but I’ve only been out twice, and can’t really think of too many places to go.  I think I am in “lockdown” mode, unable to actually leave this place.  Sigh.
  • Luckily, Amazon continues to regularly deliver books and packages, and apparently these “gifts” make me very happy.
  • Meanwhile, I’m bored with the dining room and prefer hanging out in my apartment.  I alternate going there every other day.  This morning I made a mimosa and really enjoyed it.



  • This mimosa photo was taken at my last residence, when I had this lovely mug…and my Coca Cola table.  Missing that place!
  • How are you managing nowadays?  I have had both vaccinations and I’m feeling hopeful.  But…something about the past year of lockdown has clipped my wings.


How are you managing through these weeks?




  1. Sorry about your WP problems, I’m reading many others are struggling as well. Same happened here with Google/Blogger last year. Your new chair looks great! When you mentioned you feel like your wings have been clipped, I kinda feel the same way. I’m no longer as anxious to take super long car rides, resume indoor dining etc. I’m quite comfortable being home and reading, baking etc. If anything, I’d just like to see family more this year.

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    • Thanks, Diane, I know that missing family is the biggest part of my sadness. It is hard to have time with family limited, as it is here. I just want to go out with my granddaughter Fiona, or even with my daughter. We did go out once.

      I want to call Lyft and take off somewhere! I am not sure that will be allowed, but I am going to plan it as if is allowable.

      Enjoy your week!


  2. I am not sure I will ever feel as easy again about going out, not that we can do more than go to the grocery store for the next few weeks. Am jealous of the chair, I really need one for me desk.

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  3. I had a horrible problem with social anxiety before this pandemic started. I was just starting to feel ok about going to some places alone then it hit. Now I wonder if I’ll ever get over it. Anxiety is a horrible thing and when it’s hard to go into public places because of it you tend to feel very stuck. I wish this would have never happened. If we would have had a real leader in this country it would never have got this bad. It’s like starting all over from the very beginning for me now. And I hate it!
    Love the chair. Congrats on getting that!

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    • I had settled into my routines here, before the Pandemic. Now everything is so much harder.

      I hate that we didn’t have a leader the whole year after the Pandemic hit. By the time we had a leader, more than half a million people had died! We can never get back those people or that time.

      Thanks for visiting, Linda, and I hope we regain some of what we lost.

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      • I know. It has been such a horrible time. We lost two good friends. One was my cousin and best friend since we was just little toddlers. It’s hard. It’s sad. It still blows my mind that people think tRump was such a great person. It will take a while but I have to believe this country will get back to some kind of normal.

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  4. I know about WordPress! It’s taken me twice as long to write a post and I hate it! The images especially are just totally a nuisance and so different. Hate it! You seem to have managed good on this post though. I think it will take awhile to getting used to go out, and anyway just small steps will be good. Going cautiously is probably no bad thing.

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    • I was so used to my blogging routines, but the Block Editor came along and challenged us. Even as I started to figure a few things out, they changed things again. I can’t work around the images the way I like. There is no way to resize them and add links to them. At least I cannot see that working out.

      Thanks for visiting, Kathryn; I sent an email to WP Support, asking questions. Let’s see if they give some answers.

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  5. I’ve had one vaccination. Hopefully the second one will follow and I do so hope not the Sinopharm one. We are currently having a shortage of vaccines.
    On the reading front, I am reading quite a bit but still behind but that is very normal. Still in a limbo and after a year of not going about much, I now find I do not want to go out very much. Now however, I force myself to go out just for the sake of getting out a bit.

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  6. I think that is something that will affect a lot of people honestly. I think even once I am vaccinated it is going to take me a very long time to be able to resume semi-normal activities, and I know for you, the time inside has been much much longer. Start small. Treat yourself to a coffee somewhere, walk through a nursery and pick up a bouquet, find a bookstore. Enjoy a glass of wine on a patio somewhere. Make yourself try one place a week if you feel stuck. 🙂 I working on urging my mom to do the same, to get out, to explore, even a short walk.

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  7. The kids who are at home both got shots on Friday. Hubby and I have both gotten both shots so we are good to go and I’m ready to go. We had lunch inside a restaurant for the first time in a long time and on the way home from church today I saw another one I want to go to. On the down side I was stuck in traffic Saturday when I went to order carpet and that’s the first time in a year that has happened.

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