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Another week has skidded by, bringing our third month of 2021 close to its end!  How does that happen?  My reading is still pretty unremarkable, since I just finished my second book today.  I had spent two days on a third book that I finally had to DNF!  I wrote six blog posts, though, and created a few new blog headers.  What does that say about my moods?  LOL.

I just got a new computer desk chair from Amazon, and a technician is coming on Tuesday to assemble it.  Good thing, right?  Now I am trying to rearrange the space so that the big wicker chair I have been using (below) can still fit somewhere!


While I am pondering this change, let’s take a closer look at my week.


Tuesday Excerpts:  “The Upstairs House”

Tuesday Potpourri:  A Bookish Day…

WWW Reading…

Rediscovering a Treasure…

Bookish Friday:  “Every Vow You Break”

Serendipitous Moments…

Review:  Are We There Yet?, by Kathleen WestReview:  The Upstairs House, by Julia Fine


I received a review book from an author in my mailbox:

When I Last Saw You, by Bette Lee Crosby


Then I downloaded two e-books:

A Million Reasons Why, by Jessica Strawser

Every Vow You Break, by Peter Swanson


CURRENTLY READING:  Her Dark Lies, by J. T. Ellison


That was my week. What did yours look like?  This week, I added another little rag doll to my collection, and I’ve used her in my Serendipity blog header.  The new one is on the right.



  1. I can’t believe March is almost over! This month totally flew by. And congrats on the new chair! I need to get one too, I’m so sick of the (fairly umcomfortable) chair I have at my desk lol.

    Her Dark Lies and Every Vow both look awesome, I think I saw a good review for Lies just the other day…

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Greg, when I moved here, my daughter and her friends took over, as I was a bit ill. And they didn’t bring my desk chair. But I think I’m going to like this new one.

      I am excited about Her Dark Lies and Every Vow You Break.

      Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Gayathri, I don’t have a lot of spaces in which to cram bigger things, like that chair, but I have decided to angle it against the bookshelf and by the window…without actually cutting off the view of the books. We’ll see! LOL.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I go through such a range of feelings when considering a DNF but it usually ends up being the right decision. I hope you love your books this week. One of these days I must read one of Swanson’s books. They always sound so good. Enjoy the new chair!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I don’t DNF that often, so I guess that is the upside. But on the downside, so many hours are wasted trying to decide whether or not to keep reading a book. Sigh.

      I am looking forward to the new chair!


  3. Mareli Thalwitzer

    Yes! Next week it will April already. Can you believe it! If you are comfortable in you wicker chair, leave it right there.

    I would love to read the Peter Swanson book, brilliant author who never disappoints.

    Have a good week and happy reading!

    Elza Reads

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    1. Thanks, Mareli, I do like the wicker chair, but it is hard to move it around, so I think it will be better as a reading chair by my bookshelf.

      We’ll see. I am always moving things around.

      Enjoy! I am looking forward to my books. Love yours!


  4. March really is flying by, isn’t it?! My week was a blur of home and work as usual, although I enjoyed my read of A Room With a View by E.M. Forster, but sadly my blogging was slowed down due to my WordPress account upgrading to the dreaded block editor only format on Wednesday! 😅

    Take care and happy reading in the coming week, Laurel-Rain 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Shelleyrae, I like the sound of blogging from your lounge.

      I love my new rag doll. The old one had been a favorite for a while, but now I only have photos of her. My daughter did not bring her here when she moved my stuff…and when I asked her last week if she knew what happened to her, she texted that “she died of Covid.” Then she did an LOL.

      Apparently she sold her.

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  5. Love those book titles. Every Vow You Break. And Her Dark Lies. Excellent.

    I can’t hardly believe we are almost through our first quarter of 2021. How can that be?

    I’ve been playing with blog headers, too. I urge you to stay away from Canva if you haven’t already found it and become addicted to it.

    Have a great week!

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    1. When I read the title “Every Vow You Break,” I start humming the song Every Step I Take.

      Thanks for visiting, Deb, and I do love playing with blog headers. I probably shouldn’t even Google Canva, right?

      A quarter of the year gone seems impossible!

      Enjoy your week.


    1. Whenever I DNF a book, I wonder where I went wrong when bought it, since I obviously read the blurb and decided it would work for me.

      So I’m thinking it’s usually the writing style that I don’t enjoy rather than the actual premise. At any rate, it feels like a failure.

      I am looking forward to Every Vow You Break, and since I’ve read Peter Swanson, I am not worried about this one.

      Enjoy your week, Anne.


  6. I can’t believe April is almost here. Time is more than flying this year. Last year, it dragged. I just finished reading Her Dark Lies and loved it. I’m looking forward to hearing how you feel about it. Hope you have a great week!

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  7. Juli Witte

    I can’t believe it’s almost April, like how did this happen…. And it’s a shame you had to DNF one of your reads this week. ‘Every Vow You Break’ is also on my list now that I’ve seen it on a few blogs! I hope you have a lovely week and do drop by my Monday post if you have the time! – Juli @ A Universe in Words

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    1. Thanks, Juli, I have been realizing that trying books from unknown authors doesn’t usually work out for me. When I see a book all around, and if I’ve read the author before, I am usually safe from a DNF.

      Enjoy your week.


  8. Pluses and minuses last week for sure… sorry you spent two whole days then ended up DNFing. That’s so frustrating! A new computer desk chair is exciting though. I’m sure it will be much more comfortable! Hope you’ll post a photo after it is assembled. Have a good week!

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    1. Thanks, JoAnn, I hesitated about getting the chair, but finally decided that it was worth it to make for more comfortable working on my computer.

      The Amazon team will send in a technician to assemble it in the apartment, so I am hopeful for good results.

      Definitely there will be photos!

      As for the DNF, I always hate when that happens, but wish I had stopped reading the book sooner!


  9. I guess I’m going to have to read Her Dark Lies, since everybody else is! I also have the new Peter Swanson book on my TBR. Hope you find a good way to rearrange your space and keep your wicker chair!

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  10. Cheryl Malandrinos

    I haven’t gotten much reading done lately, either. I think I saw When I Last Saw you on another blog recently. Looks interesting.

    Hope you have a nice week. Love your rag dolls.

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  11. The months do keep moving…quickly it seems.
    Hope you find a good spot for the wicker chair. It’s hard to give up an ‘od friend’ sometimes.
    When I Last Saw You looks intriguing.
    Enjoy all of your reading!

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