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Here we are, turning the page on another week.  I did read and review three books this week, so that was good.  And I wrote seven blog posts.

I am hoping to enjoy the weekend.  I started watching a Netflix movie, Behind Her Eyes, which is based on a book I enjoyed.  So far, I’m loving it.

Let’s grab some coffee and take a closer look at the week:


Tuesday Excerpts:  “Forgive Me”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Filling My Shelves…

Wednesday Reading…

Hump Day Potpourri:  A Valentine’s Day Celebration…

Another Backlog Book…

Coffee Chat:  Sweet Goodies, Etc.

Bookish Friday:  “The Paris Library

Review:  The Push, by Claire McGowanReview:  The Perfect Guests, by Emma RousReview:  Every Waking Hour, by Joanna Schaffhausen



I received one Author Review Request book in the mailbox…and one NetGalley ARC.  I also downloaded three e-books.

Careful-ish, by Hone y Parker

Overeating. Oversharing. Overindulging. Over it all. Video chats. Not enough distancing. Alcohol. What could go wrong? And what are people doing when they think nobody is watching? Meet six friends who are COVID quarantining in The Greatest City On Earth.


Thief of Souls, by Brian Klingborg – (NG – 5/4/21)

In Brian Klingborg’s Thief of Souls, the brutal murder of a young woman in a rural village in Northern China sends shockwaves all the way to Beijing—but seemingly only Inspector Lu Fei, living in exile in the small town, is interested in justice for the victim.


Let Her Lie, by Bryan Reardon

The Paris Library, by Janet Skeslien Charles

Consent, by Vanessa Springora



Hadley & Grace, by Suzanne Redfearn


That was my week!  What did yours look like?  Here is a peek of my Valentine’s Day dinner:  Stuffed Chicken Breast.



    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and sadly, we are confined to the courtyard, our apartments, and the dining room. It has been almost a year since I even left the community…except one time in October to visit the doctor!

      I’m glad I have some good books!

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  1. Susan

    hey Laurel : I’ll have to check out that movie you mention. I’m enjoying being in Southern Cal now — it sure beats the frigid cold of Canada. We are one step closer to moving my folks to a really nice senior care village — though its independent living within it. It’s been a lot of work! But I appreciated your helpful advice last week about how to go about the whole thing.
    I’ve heard a bit about that Consent novel …. sounds Quite intense right? I wonder if it’ll be too much for me. Good luck with it. Enjoy your week.

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    1. Thanks, Susan, and while I was not happy to come to this senior residential center almost two years ago, I am grateful to be here during the Pandemic, and have already received both vaccinations.

      Enjoy your books and your week!


  2. Mareli Thalwitzer

    I haven’t seen Behind her eyes yet, as it is still on my audible TBR!! I first want to listen to the book. The Paris Library does sound so good, can’t wait for it!

    That stuffed chicken looks delicious. I am busy with Sunday lunch preparation and blogging in between.

    Have a good week and take care!

    Elza Reads

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  3. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I have been hearing good reviews about Behind Her Eyes, the book and the adaptation. I might have to check it out myself soon. Enjoy your books and stay safe!

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  4. Your Valentines meal was much nicer than ours, I’d forgotten about it when I planned the weeks shopping and meals so we just had an ordinary dinner.
    Your new books are an interesting mix. I’ve read The Paris Library and I know you’ll love that one.

    Wishing you a great reading week

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    1. Thanks, Shelleyrae, I am looking forward to my new books. The Valentine’s Day dinner from our dining room is another way the staff here are making up for all the things we have to do without…like going places and visiting family and friends.

      Enjoy your books and your week.

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  5. The Herbal Toad

    Good morning! This is my first time seeing The Paris Library. I read up on it and it sounds good. I have added it to my TBR. I don’t do review copies any longer, so also did not know about Thieves of Souls, but I look forward to seeing what you think of it. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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  6. So many good titles on your blog this week. Push must be a fabulous one, as you rated it so highly. I will be interested in seeing what you think of Careful-ish. I predict there will be lots of books about 2020 out soon. I even downloaded Love in Lockdown, though I haven’t read it yet. And I definitely intend on reading The Paris Library when I get a chance. It may be July before I get around to it, though.

    What a delicious meal for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never made Stuffed Chicken Breast, but I’m making a mental note to look for a good recipe and try it soon.

    Have a lovely week!

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  7. Hi Lorraine,

    We don’t tend to bother with Valentine’s Day any more, however your lovely meal did look delicious. I am getting a little sick of my own cooking I must say, it will be good when restaurants and cafes can open again.

    Hubbie has had his first jab as he is vulnerable, however as I am in the regular 60-65 age group, I reckon I shall have to wait for another week or two. I must admit it will be good to see the world past the garden, but I shan’t be in too much of a rush to start mixing it in crowded places for some time to come!

    You have a great mix of books featured this time – ‘The Paris Library’ is already on my radar and I really like the sound of ‘Let Her Lie’. I’m not sure that I want to read any books about Covid right now.

    Have a good week and Happy Reading 🙂

    Yvonne xx

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne, and living through this past year of lockdowns, I realized that I am quite content not to go to crowded places. My favorite spots were quiet little places, and I usually went there early in the evening. No late nights for me! LOL.

      Valentine’s Day is only significant in that I enjoyed the special meal.

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  8. The cover with the mask on the front is cute… and so timely! Have a feeling we are in for a slew of quarantine/lockdown novels. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of Hadley & Grace. I have that waiting on my kindle, too. Have a good week.

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  9. Izabel Brekilien

    I didn’t know the book by Vanessa Springora had been translated, but it’s been a shock here in France, everybody talked about it for weeks. I heard the style isn’t great but her testimony is powerful. I’d love to get your advice on the Chinese novel and The Paris library. Have a great week 😉

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  10. Your Valentine’s Day dinner is making me hungry for lunch! I’ll be curious to hear more about your thoughts on Careful-ish. I’m not ready to read about lockdowns in fiction, myself, yet! Too sick of it in real life still. Or psychological suspense yet — regular life is still feeling too stressful. When life gets back to normal, my reading probably will too! Right now, I’m mostly reading my first love — literary fiction. It’s not that it’s relaxing, but it’s not so overtly suspenseful as to get me too keyed up! Enjoy your week!

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  11. I plan on watching Behind Her Eyes this week too! I’m looking forward to seeing how they adapted it. You have some interesting books this week once again, Let Her Lie looks good to me. Have a great week and happy reading!

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