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Good morning, and welcome to another beautiful day in 2021!  I am still moving along, putting up with things that are difficult while enjoying the possibilities ahead.  Of course, the news is full of horrible storms and the aftermath of them…and some are politicizing them.  What else is new?  But…perhaps something will change, and there will be attempts to deal with Climate Change.  Finally.

Notice my Bitmoji surrounded with chocolate.  Valentine’s Day brought out the reminders of everything sweet.

  • We had a lovely dinner on Valentine’s Day evening, here in the dining room.  This dessert topped it all off beautifully:

  • I haven’t read that many books lately…only two last week.  But I enjoyed The Push, by Claire McGowan, and now I am reading The Perfect Guests.  An interesting tale that grows more intense with every chapter.
  • Today is Thursday, so that means the gardener is here, right outside my window, using every noisy machine he can find…and I just have to accept it, trying to tune it out.  What else can we do?
  • On Facebook, I have been following my granddaughter Fiona’s many hair and makeup changes.  She is dealing with her boredom in this way.  (It has been months since she could follow her job as a massage therapist).

  • Here’s another one:

  • Her birthday is on the 21st.  Her cousin Aubrey also had a birthday this month, on the thirteenth.  They are like “twin cousins.”  They are now 24!
  • I wish I could see Fiona, at least.  Aubrey is still in New Zealand.  But recently, our facility had TWENTY residents testing positive, so our visits have been terminated.  For now.  The outbreak was in the Memory Care section, and we don’t interact with them.  But the administrators are being cautious.
  • I have had both vaccine doses…and hope that there will be protection enough at some point.  Sigh.
  • So the beat goes on…


How are you hanging in there?  What, if anything, helps you through the negativity of our situations?



  1. I was just wondering today if Aubrey was still in NZ as I heard on the news they are extending visas because of Covid. Hope she is happy wherever she is. Terrible storms alright in USA. I was following what was happening in Texas because it has my top favourite quilting online shop that I buy from. They are all home bound at the moment. Hope they have some power soon.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and yes, Aubrey is still in NZ. I feel good about that, as she will be safer there.

      So terrible about Texas! And they have such a horrible senator representing them (Ted Cruz). I read that he left the state during all of the storms to go to Cancun! That’s a caring senator, lol.

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