Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

On the day after the frightening events of yesterday, January 6, I am still stunned, although not really surprised, either.  We all knew that insurrection was bound to happen when #45 sent so many messages to his followers, urging them on.  Now I wonder:  will there be ANY consequences?

On the brighter side, two new Georgia senators promise changes ahead.

  • I am trying to follow my One Word of HOPE…and take it all a day at a time, too.
  • I am reading an interesting book:  Shelter in Place, by David Leavitt, in which the characters are hoping to recover from what they consider the greatest political catastrophe of their lives: the 2016 Presidential Election.   An interesting “time capsule” moment, in view of recent events.
  • I wonder how things would have transpired if that event had not happened at all?
  • Meanwhile, moving along, I finished reading and reviewing my First Book of 2021:  Piece of My Heart, by Mary Higgins Clark/Alafair Burke.
  • On January 5, my youngest grandson turned 18!  Imagine that.  I still remember him fondly with his head of curly hair…Because of Covid, I wasn’t able to see him on his birthday…sigh.

  • What lies ahead for us?  Other than reading and blogging, I am trying to survive each day, alert, and without burying my head in the sand about the potential hazards, both from the virus and from the political environment.
  • I did love watching the latest episode of This Is Us.  I still love that show, after all these years.
  • A new movie is now on Netflix:  Pieces of a Woman, a film that promises to be heart wrenching.


My favorite activities when I am stressed:  books and viewing.  What do you look forward to during stressful times?



  1. I still can’t believe what happened yesterday. I’ve been glued to the TV ever since it started yesterday. So horrible.

    Shelter in Place sounds like a timely read. I haven’t watched This Is Us yet, but I will soon.

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  2. Yesterday was just chilling, heads should roll. enough is enough

    We just finished watching a new series from 2020 called Transplant, about a Syrian doctor in Canada. Excellent show. It’s on NBC and Peacock in case you are interested.

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    • Oh, I have noticed Transplant and hadn’t started watching when it first arrived, but Peacock is a great way to catch up and binge it. Thanks, Diane.

      I am still shaking about the events of yesterday, and worried that there will be no end to it.


  3. I sat up and watched the senate and congress go right through the process as it was our afternoon evening. Truly shocking, but not unpredictable. Very strange that they left it all so wide open so that those nutcases could move in, felt so sorry for Nancy Pelosi.

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  4. It was terrible and terrifying to watch and I’m struggling to not only wrap my head around it, but to explain it to my children. I agree that it was not unexpected.

    To deal with stress, books (obviously) but going for walks or hikes while listening to podcasts is good. I ski in the winter too.

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    • Thanks, mkowalewski, history will be rife with criticisms and perhaps some explanations for what has happened. Until then, we all have to somehow sort things out in our own minds and for those around us. We are stunned, but not surprised.


  5. During stressful times I find that sewing relaxes me a bit more than reading these days. I’m having trouble staying focused without getting distracted when I read. But I’m working on getting better because I miss my reading life.

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  6. I just hope they have enough security in place on the 20th. I don’t think Trump is staying home just to pout. He knows what his faithful followers have up their sleeves.

    I can’t wait for Randall and Beth to get over there and meet up with that guy that knew Randall’s Mom!!!!

    That Pieces of a Woman sounds good. Added it to my Netflix list. I love books and movies that make me cry.

    Hope you have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Jinjer, and you are right about the need for more security! And that Trump and his supporters are not done.

      I would definitely rather be thinking about Randall and Beth right now too!

      Pieces of a Woman was good. I like crying over movies and books. Have a good one!

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